Thursday, 28 June 2012

Old School Delights

Yellow - My Happi Colour 

I was craving for some authentic childhood macaroni soup so M decided to bring me to lunch @ OSD! :) Yay! I've been bugging him to visit this place again for a while since our last visit 2 wks ago haha 

It's my third time there in the last 2 months so i roughly know what i want to order, and i usually order the same items from the same restaurant if the food i've had previously was to my liking. I wouldnt change my orders until i've absolutely eaten the sick out of them haha. 

These are the killer wings! So crisp and salty and yummeh!

Indulge in these savoury Kueh Pie Tie!! 

My mom used to make these! I love it! Popiah fillings in a cup-like "pie/piah", so so juicy, they make my taste buds explode like firecrackers. 

Teh Bing and Teh-O Bing 

Their curry chicken. This was pretty ordinary curry chicken..

Love my macaroni chicken soup though!
Olivia, i presume the lady boss engaged us in a lengthy and informative conversation about how her broth was cooked in lots of chicken meat and bones that resulted in a delicious bowl of soup. 
And I'd haf to agree, the broth was tasteful, and had enough flavour to complement the other slightly bland ingredients. 
Wished i had suggested that they replace the quail eggs with fishballs cos i don't think eggs go v well in a soupy dish. i think fishballs would've completed this signature dish :)

The management really put in alot of effort and creativity into making the interiors an almost accurate interpretation of what a classroom/canteen looked like in my days. Very 1980's and early 90's. No aircon for you also! haha

Normally for desserts, i would like to try everything, but how can anyone finish all the yummy cakes at 1 go right? We were stuffed by then and had to take a break before deciding which cake we'd like to haf.
I've had the Butter Cake and Sticky Chewy Chocate Cake on my previous visits and i really wanted to try the Lemon cake or the Steamed Banana Cake but i lost in SPS(Scissors Paper Stone) so i had to compromise and settle for The Fudge Ugly Choco Banana Cake hahaha. 

It was a pretty good choice afterall! I never thought bananas and chocolates made a good complement for each other so i've never tried any cakes of such combination but this one was irresistable! 
The cake smelt of fresh bananas (its baked with real organic bananas) and im sure it would haf been great on its own but the sweet melted chocolate just gave it more dimension to the savoury banana cake. 

Oh their Butter Cake was really good, right amt of butter which didnt make it too oily or fattening. 
Whereas the Sticky Chewy Chocolate was way tooo rich for my liking. Overdose of chocolate imo. 

Old fashion biscuits and cookies for sale at the counter.
Olivia was very nice! She came over our table and gave me a packet of cookies before she left the restaurant :)

Outdoor seatings available also. 

Overall a 7.5/10!
Hopefully they can expand their food menu soon as we felt that it lack some variety. Perhaps some Ngor Hiang, Lo Mai Gai or Malay Banana Fritters? hehe

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road
6458 4518
Opening hours: 12 noon to 11pm 
(Closed on Mondays)

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