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I'M BACK with YUMMMY korean foood pictures. Even I cannot resist the power of THE KIMCHI whilst typing this sentence. ka na sai :( i really wanna haf kimchi hot pot now!!

So if you're wondering where i had this late night authentic korean dinner, you can head down NOW to Kko Kko Nara ard Tanjong Pagar area because....... they only close at 3AM!!! weee!!! How incredible is that? 

Here are some of my favourite picks from their menu! 

Oh, do note that their portions are HUMONGOUS! So even if you order just ONE pot of Kimchi hotpot or Ginseng Chicken, it'll be more than sufficient to feed 2 (skinny) adults, that's if you don't want to overeat ;D

The first time my friend brought me there, 2 of us girls shared 1 Small Sized Kimchi Pot and the 9 Pcs Chicken Wings Platter, there were 3 different flavours. Fried Chicken (Original), Garlic and Sweet Sauce Chicken. In any case, the Garlic was the best so this time i ordered the 16 pieces (Garlic) for 4 pax to share.

The chicken parts were fried to perfection and because i am awfully particular about how the skin tastes when it comes to chicken wings, they must be served hot and crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Also, the meat inside has to be tender and slightly flavourful, if not it will just taste bland overall as if they haven't been marinated long enough for the seasoning/marinade to seep in.

Even M who was VERY skeptical about my reccommendation initially RAVED about the chicken wings after his first bite. He couldn't stop popping em' and praising them at the same time! heheheh

I'm really glad he thoroughly enjoyed it though, i was afraid that he wouldn't like the food cos he said he wasn't a fan of Kimchi hotpot and wasn't very enthusiastic about the whole dinner. Well..honestly, i wasn't a fan either until i tried it for myself. And now I wanna have this for supper EVERY NIGHT for the rest of my life!

Next, i ordered my favourite Kimchi Hotpot in Large with SPAM. (Spam is like our canned luncheon meat) The soup is SOOO delicious and full of flavour, it has the right balance of sour and spice and wasn't too hot for me cos i'm not good with spicy chilli stuff. The spam was v tender and well, it taste like luncheon la but its not too salty. You must order the maggi mee or the glass noodle as they make good staples and isn't too filling like rice is. I personally prefer the glass noodle cos its so smooth and tangy!

There's also free top up of soup :) so you can slowly savour it til your hearts content.

Our beloved companions for the night :) Wonder how we always manage to spend 3-4 hours tgt chatting about holiday trips and random stuff and still have so much to talk about and share. They are such a generous, jovial couple, it's so easy and comfortable being around them.. <3

I also took the liberty of ordering the FRIED BEEF, i think fried not so much, more like stir fried beef in bulgogi sauce. The marinaade's sweet and isn't how i normally have my beef but it's very different from the conventional stir fried beef we consume, mostly because its marinated in sweet sauce. I'm not a huge fan of sweet foods but this is actually not bad, the beef was really tender and succulent and would be great paired with rice. Highly recommended :)

So there you have it, 2 large mains and 16 pcs of chicken drums/wings. MORE THAN ENOUGH for 4 persons. Even though the food is abit pricey ($40-$50 per pax), it is DEFINITELY worth the money because you feel like you have too much to eat and you cannot stop eating! It is THAT good!

Many of the patrons are Koreans and i figured it's because the food really taste like food back home and they have quite a good selection of Korean varieties. I'd like to try the Ginseng Chicken Soup and Rice Cake next time!

On the other hand, the atmosphere here sometimes can be kinda.. rowdy?? I don't know if Koreans ususally talk so loudly publicly but there were a few groups that were talking and laughing hysterically and the staff couldn't care less. I guess you could say the atmosphere is mostly convivial and easy going.. haha, though i wished the seats were slightly more spacious and the place more air-conditioned cos it can get quite steamy during dinner due to the boiling kimchi pot and simmering beef ;)

I'd rate this place 9 out of 10!! 

57 Tras Street
Opening Hours
11am - 4am daily


The day after filming Payphone.. 

Have gotten quite a few recommendations from friends to try out this restaurant at MBS since they opened. Wanted to go earlier but never really had a chance cos MBS is kinda out of the way and im not a big fan of casinos (unless its in Vegas).. or smoke for that matter. Decided to try it out since i was gonna be there for filming.

This restaurants combines cozy and modern with high end dining and exclusive posters of my favourite actors donned their walls. The whole setting felt very relaxed and slightly formal and i liked the idea of the place until... i noticed that most of the waiters weren't very attentive and our waiter was having his own conversastion when he wasn't serving us. I don't know, i think i've had better service at casual restaurants than i've had here. You just know how restaurants have excellent service staff when the waiter comes to you and knows you need something even before you realise you need it?? 
Well over here, i had to ask for an extra seat because my bag was taking u half my seat and i had to prompt them to clear our table on several occasions. It's quite unpleasant actually.

Anyway, I ordered the Maine Lobster for my companion and the Fillet Mignon for myself as i always would if it is available at the restaurants because i personally favour tenderloins as they are the most tender cut and happens to be the most expensive on the menu (HAHAHHA just kidding.. but no, really..). 

Digressing abit, I always believe that if you've chosen a place to eat, be it hawker centre, cafes or restaurants, check out the prices before patronising/ordering and then be prepared to pay the prices reflected on the menu because that's the price the chefs/owners feel justifies their food, if you think otherwise, don't patronise, they don't really care also! So if you've decided to bring your girlfriend/date out on a nice romantic dinner,  do your homework beforehand so you don't kao bei when the bill arrives. You might ruin a beautiful evening and destroy all chances of getting laid.

Complimentary breadsticks and bite sized cheese breads. I love cheese ;D so these were good to fill my very empty tummy during the longgg wait.

Appetiser; Caramelized Sweet White Corn, Wild Rocket, Tzatziki, Greek Feta.
Fairly simple cold dish, but tastes soo heavenly, the Caramelized Sweet White Corn is exactly what it sounds like, very very sweet and mouth-watering, the tomatoes were slightly sour but the Tzatziki sauce made a good accompainment and kinda brought the entire dish together so it wasn't overly sweet or sour but still made my taste buds explode into all kinds of gastronomic delight.

And then my main arrived.. and my first thought was... SERIOUSLY?? Is this the best they had to offer? Can they actually serve customers something like that? It's looked so bare and miserable on its own,  there wasn't any form of presentation/plating at all.. I feel sad just looking at it. I don't know if i felt more embarrassed for them or for myself but it was an utter disappointment, and it tasted just as bland as it looks!! 

And i thought they were meant to serve specialty steak.. :( :( The house made sauce was equally lousy for me too.. now i'll never believe anything their waiters recommend anymore (dessert was a torture.)

The Maine Lobster, on the other hand, was a delight! Plump, fresh and juicy. Plating here sucks again though. 

I'd say the second best thing was the Creamed Spinach with Fried Egg that we had as a side that night. It looked like mashed up baby food that didn't require much chewing, but it tasted easy and effortless and had just enough creamy flavour to reawakened my already depressed taste buds.
No more photos cos my camera died halfway through our mains.

I really wanted the experience at this restaurant to be good and that's why i was even more disappointed when they didn't meet my bar of expectations. I mean i'm neither a restaurant critic nor food extraordinare but i think i can discern between what tastes good or bad and what good or poor service is at a restaurant. Therefore, overall, I'd give this restaurant a 4 out of 10 as the food wasn't on point and neither was their service. Hope i haven't been too harsh on em'.

10 Bayfront Ave
#B1-71, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Opening Hours
Sun-Thur: 6pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 6pm - 11pm

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