Saturday, 28 July 2012

Prelude: The Making Of

Lately i started getting involved in a fun project that included some music recording and video filming with some friends. 

My friend, Wenhan and i decided to collaborate on the song Payphone by Maroon 5, the song was still quite popular awhile ago but it took us 2 months to complete it due to conflicting schedules and the lack of manpower. We did however, finished the recording in a day and the rest of it was just conceptualising the scenes and finding a suitable location to film the music video. 

We met up quite frequently and tried filming on our own twice but the results weren't up to our expectations, until WH managed to pull in some friends to work with us for this MV. 

I was ecstatic because it was my first time filming a music video! I learnt alot of things on and off set    and i wasn't quite sure what to expect in the beginning even though i had done some TV filming previously. This was different as i didn't have lines and it doesn't really involve me doing much acting or singing. WH had a really simple clean concept and had scenes drawn out meticulously the day before filming. I have yet to see the final product but WH told me yesterday we had quite of good takes so i can't wait to see em'!

We're very grateful for the "wonderful" weather at MBS that day, we were literally toasting under the scorching sun that was searing right through my leather jacket. I was perspiring like crazy inside!! So gross, i had to remove my jacket after each take! Thank heavens, however, for the occasional gusts of wind that proved to be the best prop ever ;D 

Also, we wanna give a big shout out to WH's friends, Teck Hua for filming the video, Charles for  his iniative in assisting everyone on set, and lastly, Zahne for photography :) 
I had a great time filming and getting to know these guys, they are super nice and i hope we'll be able to  do this again soon!
Also, to Steven, WH's roommate, whom i've nvr met, for filming the rap scene in their bathroom. 

We'll be posting the video tomorrow night so look out for it here on my blog as well as on my gwenyummy's Youtube Channel!

Here are some photos taken by Zahne on the set :)

Had to really squint my eyes to see under the blazing sun =/

Post filming! Group picture! 
From left to right: Charles, Wenhan(Isukuta), Myself, Zahne & Teck Hua

Thanks for reading and remember to check out our video tmr! Also, you can check out Wenhan/Isukuta's Youtube Channel here for more of his videos as well as Zahne's FaceBook Page here.

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