Monday, 6 August 2012

Beauty Shots

It took me such a long time before i finally decided on a good photographer to get my first beauty shots!

We had the photoshoot at a studio on a happi sunday morning and i'm really pleased with the shots i've seen on the camera. Will update more about the shoot once i get all the photos from our photographer, Leng Keong, so i'll be posting most of em' up here :)

Didn't want to release any photos so soon but.. LK and Zahne decided to uploaded a few on FB last night! So here they are..

Credits to Zahne Tan

Credits to Leng Keong

I was sooooo freaked out at first when i saw these photos cos i wasn't prepared for them to be published sooo quickly and the 2nd one looks quite revealing to me (even though you could still see my white tank top). Not that i don't wear revealing clothes sometimes but I was worried my BEAUTY shots would end up appearing like a porno shoot T_T HAHAHA. 

Anyway i'm glad mom liked it and most of my friends thought these are more clean and cosmetics-ad looking but a few joked about the "naked" photos. -_- 

What do you think?

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