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Hi guys!

Today, i thought i'd share with you my TOP TEN favourite Youtubers of all time! And that's 10 reasons why you should watch Youtube!
These are the people i watch and subscribe to mostly because they are absolutely ****ing hilarious and gifted in what they do. In fact, I watch more Youtube than i watch TV because these videos are so raw and original and the people behind it are just ingenious when it comes to creating new content for their videos every time!

So here's my TOP 10 Channels/Youtubers in descending order:

#10 Michelle Phan (Beauty/ Makeup)

I used to enjoy watching her homemade videos when she just started out in '07 cos it was so raw and personable, her voice IS therapy. My favourites are still the DIY home made masks, scrubs, etc and i even bought $40 worth of brush guards after she recorded a video on how to clean brushes. Sadly, that didn't quite work out as well as she had recommended and so.. i didn't watch her videos anymore. Just Kidding. 

#9 The Dominic Show/ D-trix (Comedian)

D-trix is part of Quest Crew, an American hip hop dance crew from LA, who were declared winners in the 3rd season of America's Best Dance Crew. D-trix is more consistent when it comes to making and uploading videos on Youtube though i wished his other crew member, cutie Victor Kim had more videos on his channel to showcase his singing/dancing/free-styling talents!

#8 Kassem G

Where do i begin with the beautiful, eccentric and ingenious Kassem G?

His sketch comedies on adult film "actresses" is in itself, a brilliant way of driving traffic to his videos/page (can't see why not when the interviews are centred around pornstars and raw, children inappropriate content). lol

LIKE if you enjoy Going Deep with Kassem G in his unusually laid-back, yet undeniably sensual interview with Asa Akira!

#7 Wong Fu Productions (Short Films)

The Wong Fu guys are such a dore (sorry, thats not even a word, i made that up.)
They are super sweet nice guys in real life, but just like most of their short films, they can get abit predictable. But which girl doesn't appreciate sappy love stories once in a while? 
Get started with my favourite series Away We Happened (featuring Victor King and the lovely Jen) here. 

#6 Justin Chon (Comedian)

Justin is just freaking hilarious and I LOVE HIM. If you still don't know him, he plays the asian guy, Eric Yorkie in the Twilight Saga Film Series. Can't imagine he is 31 years old. He doesn't look, sound or portray anything like a normal adult would, and he sometimes burts my ear drums. Here's why: 

#5 The Fine Bros/ Kids React Series (Filmmakers)

Kids React is a series featuring Benny & Rafi Fine showing kids Viral Videos, videos of Popstars, Youtube stars and interviewing them on their reactions toward these videos. 
Did i mention how much i LOVE kids?? 
Linked 2 videos cos these kids are such a joy to watch! 
Especially Dylan, Morgan, cutie pie Emma R .. and the adorable little twins!

#4 KurtHugoSchneider (Music Producer)

Kurt is like the Pitbull of Youtube music videos. Anybody who collaborates with him eventually ends up with more hits in that 1 video than they could ever garner, even with all their own videos combined.
He's just sooo talented at mixing and producing!! Most notably his collaborations with powerhouse Youtube singer SAM TSUI!! 
And if you noticed, KHS's page gets more hits than Sam Tsui's when they post the same videos, but they are really a match made in Youtube heaven :)

Watch my favourite cover from em', Jar of Hearts and their latest cover Titanium below. 

#3 NigaHiga / Ryan Higa (Comedian)

I only discovered NigaHiga early last year even though Ryan was at 1 time the #1 Most Subscribed Youtube Channel of all time! I only started noticing him when he started working on videos with KevJumba. 
He can be REALLLY annoying at times but it's an annoying in a funny way annoying when he speaks at lightning speed or talks in a sissy voice and does all the gay-est actions on screen.
Don't know how and where he pulls his ideas from.. his How To Be A Gangster video is just one of a kind. It's no wonder that his channel is the first to reach 3 million Youtube subscribers and has now an estimated  5.4 million Youtube subscribers from all over the world!

Watch the instructional video on How To Be A Gangster that propelled Ryan Higa to Youtube super stardom. 
Also linked my favourite YT song "Bromance", an original written/composed by musically talented Chester See , where Ryan is featured rapping in this video. 

#2 Jenna Marbles (Comedian)

Let's just begin this with I F***ING WORSHIP HER. Jenna's the dope cos she's THE MOST unabashful, straight talking, ass-kicking, hell of a hottie GO GO dancing Youtube Personality that you will EVER meet. 
She sometimes reminds me of all the crude and stupid things i say and do but will NEVER post on Youtube. 
She's my #1 favourite female Youtube celebrity cos she's out of this world funny and we, the girls GET HER. Or perhaps she GETS US. 
I also love Marbles & Kermit and my favourite part of her videos is always when she ends off saying," We post videos every wednesday! Right MARBLES??" with her dogs. *melt*
Btw, she's only 25 and has a Masters Degree from Boston University. (Shame on me.....)

Her most watched/successful video is a step-by-step guide on "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" even if you're REALLY ugly.
That's 43 million views in 1 video from our #1 Female Youtuber.

Also, find out "Why Girls Hate Each Other". 

And... The NUMBER 1 on my charts..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *DRUM ROLL* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

#1 KevJumba (Comedian)

So, there was a time, a really long time ago, when i used Youtube only as a means to search for music videos.
Then one day, he came a form of a video called,
"I Have To Deal With Stereotypes".

I clicked. And after that first video, I was SOLD

Soon, he BECAME my reason for watching Youtube. 
Like i would seriously devote time and attention to search for ALL his videos and watch them one after another, doesn't matter if i've watched them the 100th time. 

And whenever i log on to Youtube and find whatever song i needed to find, i would go back to searching for his channel. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even when i know he wont be posting videos anytime soon because he just posted one yesterday. 

Yep.. That's Kevin. He brings out the stalker crazy fan girl in me. (i've even sent him a fb msg telling him how much i love his videos, HOW CRAZY & STUPID IS THAT??)

Well, what i'm truly upset about is that, now, he doesn't post videos frequently anymore! 
He left me high and dry after his last Bully video.

I wished he would dedicate more of his time to making more Youtube videos.. like Jenna who posts videos every wednesdays! (i should've totally named her my #1 instead). 

No matter.. he was still the first Youtuber i subscribed to, and i've been following him since the beginning, when he had less than 8 videos! It's like i've watched him grow and evolved into a pro, making new friends as he made more videos, and in a way, exposing me to more Youtube stars/channels!

So without further ado, i present to you, Kevin Wu!

Talking about stuff we asians can relate to.. Stereotypes!

PAPA JUMBA CAPTURED MY HEART the first time he got electrocuted with a shocking device Kevin handed his dad. But this is my other favourite! Now we know why Kevin's so cute and funny, FUNNY IS IN THEIR GENES. And funny sells on Youtube.

Jeremy Lin!!!!!!!! 

Another collaboration between Chester See, Ryan Higa and KevJumba (and other YTF guys) in an original track, Nice Guys by Chester See. 

So i hope you've enjoyed watching some of these videos, if not all of them! =] 
These are good for keeping you happy and entertained when you're really bored. 

Of cos, there are also other people i watch (Smosh, Justin James Hughes, Chester See, TiffyIffy, Jeremy Lin etc) whom i didn't shortlist because there are just so many of em' talented people out there! But these are my top 10 favourites and i hope you like them as much as i did!


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