Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dress Up or Dress Down


my everyday look consists of a sexyback, lots of denim, some nasty kicks and a pop of PINK

I love this look! It's so easy and comfortable!

It completely expresses the wild, delirious and free-spirited side of me in an understated edgyness. 

We are multi-dimensional beings. There's a different side to us when we are around different people and we dress and behave differently at different times and scenarios.

Since change is the only constant, it's sound to say that fashion is ever changing because people are always progressing and our tastes and styles are always evolving.

I don't have a definitive style but i guess i'm quite versatile and adventurous because i love trying everything new and/or different! I usually dress according to the occasion and what i'm feeling that day.

Through fashion, i get to explore different options to express myself exactly how i intended for the other person(s) to see. 

I do think it's extremely important to feel comfortable in your clothings which doesn't necessarily mean that the clothes or shoes are going to feel comfortable, but it's how good they make you feel in your own skin and allow you to be confident about yourself.

Since I'm always on the pursuit for quality living, hence i emphasize the most on the quality of goods. If it's something i really like, i'd wanna be able to keep it and wear it many many times over without the product wearing out on me. 

There's no right or wrong when it comes to fashion so do what you like, and wear what you want cos' there are no rules in fashion. And if there's one, i'd say, BREAK IT! :D

Happy thursday everyone! 


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