Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend Updates

It was F1 Night at the Skyline last weekend :)

The night was beautiful and the fireworks were stunning! 

And korean with the fam :) Our aunts and uncle decided to crash the cousin's get together last minute yesterday!

Cousin recommended us to this korean barbeque restauratnt at Far East Plaza #01-21, called Su Korean. We ordered the set meal for 8 and the spread was lovely! Food just kept coming! Other than the free flow of side dishes, which i can't get enough of, we also had Ginseng Chicken Soup (YUMMY!), Rice Cakes, Fried Rice, Squids, Bulgogi, etc! 

I'd suggest to go for the set meal because they have quite a wide variety of different korean dishes to try. :) Atmosphere and service was all right so..

Overall a 7/10! 

After which we had desserts at Canele, where we laughed and talked and poked fun at one another while we waited for brother to knock off work. It was such a great get-together, can't wait for movie night next week!

Til' tomorrow! :)

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  1. Wow! Great view! And the food looks yummy! The desserts look awesome! I wanna eat them now! LOL. :)