Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fashion Week Takeaway #1


The brilliant Mulleavy sisters opened their Spring 2013 RTW show with a dark, mystical fantasy collection inspired by medieval times and fantasy games. Seriously, their creations are on PhD kind of level if you ask me. 

Also because i've always had a huge thing for high fantasy, fairy tales and old mythologies, browsing through the collection, it feels like i've been pulled into the illusory world and transcended back into the earlier ages of The Lord of The Ring. Brings back so many great memories of my gaming days, how can i not? Half my adolescent life revolved around Warcraft and Dota after school. haha

The sisters integrated leather, chiffon, ultratextured fabrics, frills, silk, gold-plated harnesses onto a form fitting bodice that exudes a softer, more maiden vibe for the fluid gowns and an edgier, harcore biker look for the shorter, structured dresses.

Also, these immaculately crafted ear cuffs by Gaia Repossi were seen on models at the Rodarte Spring 2013 Runway. These are such standout pieces and Arwen & Haldir would've been proud to adorn these in modern medival times!

Also seen on Katie Gallagher's 2013 RTW.

Credits: Monica Feudi

Sorry for the late post! Promise to blog  more of my favourite runway looks and inspirations tmr! 

Thanks for reading! 

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