Monday, 29 October 2012

Favourite People X Shinjuku

Celebrated M's birthday over a cozy wozy dinner with close friends at Shinjuku on friday night. Was really looking forward to meeting them and catching up for some time now but was away and then sick. So i'm really happy they could join us for dinner on this special day! :)

Shinjuku (formally known as Kushigin) has been my favourite Japanese restaurant since coach recommended it to me earlier this year, i've since been there at least 20 times the past 6 months and the food is always delicious and consistent. 

The restaurant had just undergone a major revamp due to a merger, and most of the items on the menu have been changed. I took the liberty of ordering what i fancied, since i assumed that what i liked would be what my guests would like too haha. The usual head waitress was still there and she remembers me! She never fails to recommend me my usual grilled waygu steak! hehe

Dinner started with a complimentary appetiser - a Kimchi Tofu cold dish that delighted our palates and had us salivating for more! Turns out, each dish that was served was better than the next, and KC could not stop raving about the fine grade Grilled Waygu Steak and Grilled Unagi. The restaurant uses only the best and usually imports their ingredients from Japan. My choice was a clear winner for these two food connoisseurs, being frequent vacationists of Japan and had tasted all kinds of Japanese food, i'm glad they enjoyed the food! 

(Digressing..) KC and Ange are so generous and always had so much to share with us, their knowledge, their wisdom, and wordly experiences that are far beyond my years and through their eyes, they've helped me see and learn so many things that i've yet come to experience for myself.
During dinner, our lovely friends shared a wonderful piece of good news with us! Initially, i couldn't understand what Ange was telling me and M had to decipher and repeat the great news to me twice. I didn't know how to react cos i was in shock! haha, we are thrilled and can't wait for them to be parents! It's going to be exciting! 

We ordered more dishes but i hadn't been able to capture all of them as i was greedily devouring the food on my plate haha. The fishcake as well as their rice/soup items were traditional japanese dishes that were well-prepared and simply mouth-watering.
Overall, our experience at the new Shinjuku was a delightful and memorable one. I hope they bring back some of the items on their old menu cos those were incredibly yummy also (cheesesticks, steamed butter sweet potato etc)!

I give it a 9.5/10! Service was impeccable and though the place can be a little cramped side, we thought the setting was authentic and welcoming. Can't wait to go back and try out the other items on their new menu! Remember to make a reservation if you decide to give Shinjuku a try! :)


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  1. Looks like you guys had lotsa fun celebrating and eating the yummy foodies! :) Happy birthday to M! :)