Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Instagrams

Paul at Takashimaya S.C. consistently serves up great french food, at very reasonable prices. I always order the sirloin, considering the fact that that part of meat is tougher, Paul always meet up to my expections of serving tender, medium done steak that's incredibly delectable.  

Ordered the waffles this time but it was too dry and crispy and really bland! Though some might argue that waffles are supposed to be bland, i've actually eaten waffles that are just yummy on their own without any condiments, this one needed caster sugar AND honey. 

Their cakes are better though! :)

With the Newface Alumni. We're the '05 batch, 7 years its been! That's how fast time flies! 

Hee, swollen eyes that day! That happens alot to me cos i drink sooo much water before bed and even during the night cos my throat gets really dry! :( 

Til' next time! Bye! :D

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  1. Gyaaah the instagram food photos really make me hungry! :)