Thursday, 25 October 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates! I was away on a trip and could barely get any wifi as most of the mobile shops did not retail simcards for the Iphone 5. We bought one for the Iphone 4 and tried cutting it up into a smaller size hoping that it would fit into my phone, but.. we ended up wasting that sim card too. lol

Anyway, i've been sick since i returned last friday and have seen the doctor but i'm just not getting any better! And today, i have officially lost my voice. I think that annoys me the most, not being able to speak or articulate myself, because i'm such a chatterbox!! This is driving me crazy, i feel like i'm behaving erractically and talking gibberish on APP (Whatsapp) sometimes and the meds make me feel so light-headed and irrational lol. I'm trying to rest as much as i can while trying to prepare for next week's photoshoots for the new collection.

I'm still pretty active on Instagram though, add me @gwenyummy! I love looking at beautiful photos of Mother Nature, especially those taken by this photographer @laurenepbath_ih. She takes the most breath-taking photos of the Gold Coast, i look forward to the photos she post everyday!

For in that moment, when i'm looking into her photos, i feel as if my spirit has flown away and into a deep ocean of green and blue and life itself, has come into a standstill, nothing matters and everything is quiet, and the world is just.. peaceful. 

Monday Instagrams overdued.



  1. So cute Gwen! too bad you were sick but I'm glad you're better now. :) More instagram pics please! :)


    1. Thanks Chai Chen! Always so sweet! :)