Friday, 9 November 2012

November Beauty Essentials


I was initially blown away by their HANDS OF HOPE hand cream when i tried it at the counter and after 2 tubes, i've decided it's one of the best hand creams i've used so far and thought i'd give their oil-free moisturiser a go as it seemed quite suitable for my (combination) skin type. 

The moisturiser comes in a jar, though i'd have prefered it in a tube/bottle as that would have been more hygienic and cost-efficient. It comes in a lumpy tofu texture and is absorbed easily into the skin. As i have normal-oily skin, a gel or water-based moisturiser actually works better for my skin. This oil-free, lightweight gel moisturiser helps defend the skin against free radicals and has a mild exfoliation and amino acids to help condition skin for a smoother, radiant finish. 

Overall, i like this product, it helps balance the oil in my skin and doesn't really have a scent so it won't irritated my sensitive skin. 


This is by far, the best make-up remover i've used as it is very mild but cleanses my skin thoroughly. I've used a wide range of products from Avene and i swear by their products because they are suitable for my extremely sensitive skin. This make-up remover does not remove heavy make-up very well so i suggest using another remover if you put on mascara/eye liner. (I use L'oreal Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover for my eye area.)

Love this product, it is extremely gentle yet does its job effectively. Highly recommended for all skin types.


This compact-size cuticle oil is the solution to all your dry, splitting cuticle problems. I love the packaging, the light avocado fragrance and the leak-proof mechanism which makes this product so easy and convenient to use. 

Many times, we tend to neglect our cuticles and they start to dry up and become unsightly. This can be prevented by using a good hand cream and top it off with a good cuticle oil to moisturise and protect our skin, leaving them soft and beautiful.

Recommended to brush on any time on hands and feet especially at night, in air-conditioned places. 


I adore the scent of roses and this hand cream is a definite winner for me. It has a buttery texture but does not leave my hands feeling greasy. It absorbs well and has good coverage. The hand cream lasts me throughout the night so that after i wash my hands in the morning, i still feel a creamy texture on my skin. 

Hand cream is a necessity for me as my hands are very dry and require alot of moisturising as i wash my hands alot.  This hand cream is lightly-scented and makes me feel luxurious when i apply it onto my skin. I think a rich, creamy texture is more effective and helps to protect my hands from feeling dry and irritated. 


This mild exfoliator is non-abrasive and has an amazing berry fragrance. I would normally use it before i put on my masks at night. It contains a cellulose-filled gel with an exfoliating enzyme in the soft red beads that gently removes dead surface skin cells to reveal radiant skin. 

Smells delicious and is equally effective in sloughing away any dead skin cells which may clog
pores and cause breakouts.


Among the many lips balms and chapsticks that i've used, this is the best of the lot. I can just go on and on about this amazing tinted salve! It is a cult classic and has been a hit with many celebrites including Madonna.
It contains rose extracts and has incredibly rich and luxurious texture that doubles as a cuticle moisturiser. 

Long-lasting and ultra effective in moisturising and healing cracked lips. I apply it on every night and before i put on any lip liners/gloss to keep my lips moistured all day long!


I've been using all kinds of masks since 17 but i never found them to be effective until i started doing them frequently. As frequent as 5 times a week, that's when i really started to see results in my skin and sheet masks have made a huge difference on my complexion. 

I buy all kinds of sheet masks, i think it's good to have a variety and choices! I bought tons of MG sheet masks from Watson in Guangzhou, i'm not sure if they sell this in Singapore but i also like to use those from SASA, Laneige, SKII etc. I use clay masks/exfoliating masks twice a week and sheet masks/moisturing masks 3 times a week or as often as i can! Charcoal/clay masks helps remove excess sebum refine skin texture while sheet masks helps quench my skin's thirst, leaving it soft and supple! 

I also recommend not putting on the sheet masks for more than 15mins as the masks dries up and may be counter effective as it absorbs the skin's moisture back into the sheet mask. I do not wash off the residue on my face or apply anything else onto my face other than eye gel after using the mask.

Also, after removing the mask, you can use the residue from the mask and smear it on your legs or wherever you feel needs a little more TLC. :)


Currently obssessed with this fragrance from VC. I use this range of body shower gel and body lotion religiously because i'm sooo in love with the seductive scent! I love using the shower gel before applying the lotion at night, it has a pearly finish and glitters in the light! It may be a little overpowering for some but i love that it's not too fruity or floral, it's somewhere in between and i spritz some on whenever i'm feeling sexy! haha 

That about wraps up this post, i've used all these products myself before reviewing. I hope you find the reviews useful if you are interested in trying some of these products. Good luck! 


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