Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas x Les Misérables

I hope everyone had a blessed Merry Christmas! 

Sorry i didn't blog earlier, it seems i have been apologising alot for the lack of updates, so for the new year, my 2013 resolution is to blog at least thrice a week! :)

Anyway, Christmas Eve was different this year as we didn't spend it at my aunt's with my cousins and little nieces and nephews. That's how i spent my christmas for the last 24 years but this year, it was just a simple homemade dinner with the bf&f. Having steamboat, then catching movies and having a go at DOA on the ps3, where i totally got owned by Ivan lol.  

It was a quiet and cosy affair but i'm happy anyways ;) Mommy made popiah on Christmas! It's soooo yummy! I'm gonna leech all her skills and make myself a pro cook in future too!


Prepping Christmas Eve steamboat :)

Also met up with Rachel and Stella on boxing day! 

Had tea with Rachel at Canele before meeting Stella for dinner. 
I am sooo addicted to Canele's macaroons right now! Cannot stop munching on em' at home, how can something so divine be so sinful!?!?

My favourite is the Cookies & Cream flavour followed by the Cranberry one. Apparently, the latter is a seasonal flavour and they will be discontinuing it after christmas! :( 
Hazelnut's a little boring and i feel like i might just get a toothache from eating half a Caramel-flavoured macaron. :/

Also love their Triple Chocolate Cheesecake!!!! Yummmmy! The other is the Peach cake filled with rich vanilla mousse and apricot fillings, not my fave but the presentation is so pretty!

After desserts, i brought Stella to the vietnamese noodle bar at Wheelock that i blogged about recently. She had the beef ball noodle and it must've been a prettty wicked bowl of vietnamese pho cos she finished it in record time lol. She was also pleasantly surprised that it was really affordable and service was very prompt. 

After dinner, we caught Les Miserables at Lido. I must say it was a really long musical.. and there were parts where it got a little dreary and i dozed off. I don't think i'm extremely fond of Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman's singing, but i was captivated by Anne Hathway's performance in the show. She thoroughly ruined herself to play a hell of a Fantine and i couldn't take my eyes off her when she did "I Dreamed A Dream". She was impeccable and flawless, and just when i wanted to see more of her... ... she was gone. -.- 

Nonetheless, Hugh Jackman gave a stellar performance, especially the beginning as a prisoner and the last bit where he was dying. I was almost in tears when Jean Valjean is dying and Anne Hathaway reappeared as the ghost of Fantine, beguiling him (with her angelic voice) to cross over. Russell Crowe, Sacho Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter also gave outstanding performances and both the latter were so dramatic yet believable as the comical Thenardier innkeepers. 

Also, i much prefer the young Cosette than the old one hahaha, i swear she almost stole the show with her big innocent blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, not that Amanda Seyfried wasn't charming also but i think her voice was the weakest as compared to her fellow cast members. Eddie Redmayne's brilliant as Marius and i enjoyed his voice the most out of all the other male actors. 

Overall, Les Miserables is definitely worth all the accolades it has been receiving and i urge anyone who likes musicals to catch this movie soon. It's a touching movie with an incredible cast, breathtaking cinematography, beautiful costumes and mostly amazing vocals :)

Anyway, thanks for reading this extremely long post, have a great week and i'll blog again before new year comes! ;D

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  1. What a yummy treat for Christmas Gwen! Cool! :)
    Loving the macarons and the sweets! :)

    Happy holidays!

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  2. Happy holidays to u to Chai :)