Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday Instagrams

Drove out for supper last night to have Yong taufu at some hawker centre in Bukit Merah. I haven't had to drive in a really long time..say about 8 months since i've gotten my license last october and i hate to admit what a terrible driver i am. I'm terrified of driving cos' lives are at stake here!! I really don't wanna hurt anybody with my noob driving!

Regardless, i'm relieved to have arrived our destination safely and the food was F A N T A S T I C.
I would've been back there for supper but i think they are closed on Mondays. 
The stall had a good variety of yong taufu items, including pork intestines that aren't readily available at other places. The soup was very very tasty, salty enough and i also requested for my favourite ikan bilis! Yummy!

Also met up with bff last week for a quick catch up session and caught the movie THE HOBBIT! I was raving about how legendary the LOTR Trilogy was and how this movie would be equally dope but M and bff weren't exactly excited to watch it as much as i did. 

Who knew.. i fell aslp 15mins into the show HAHAHA, i was REALLY exhausted cos i stayed up til 6 in the morning that day and had to go for a shoot briefing so i didn't have much to sleep. heheh they liked the movie though! I still prefer LOTR, i thought The Hobbit had too many similarities as the first LOTR (The Fellowship of The Ring). The sequence and how the movie panned out, beginning from The Shire, to Rivendall, to the mines of Moria..and they were met with a "avalanche" followed by a battle of stone-like transformers hahaha. The first hour was a little boring, too much story-telling but it got better once they left The Shire. I enjoyed the last bit the most, and the CGI was phenomenal. You can't blame me for watching the movie more than 12 times just this year alone. 

Gonna meet bff again tomorrow! Can't wait to have dinner at IKOI :) 

Will try to update more often! 

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