Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Christmas shopping with the bff. :)

We were deciding what to eat for dinner while queuing for Itacho and when we were next in line, we decided to switch venue to NAM NAME NOODLE BAR, a new establishment right opposite us! Bff was scouring the entire Wheelock basement for something other than japanese lol. It was a real good find and we both ended up with something we liked. 
A hot, tasty bowl of vietnamese beef pho! :)

Their menu included 3 different types of categories, you can choose between bread, dry noodles as well as noodles in soup.

We both had the same item cos it was a cold rainy day and i really wanted something warn and soupy, however, i didn't manage to take a good photo as the lighting was really really dark! 

Upon first tasting, the soup was rich, salty, and i added 2 limes so the broth had a strong soury which lifted the entire broth, giving it more dimension so i won't get tired of drinking it. Love the herbs and the big chilli slices, the soup was fuller and spicier toward finishing. There's no MSG added in the soup so it's cheap ($8.90) and healthy!

The beef stripes was soft and tender, and the noodles were cooked just right, though they tend to stick in lumps so i'd recommend running through it with your chopsticks when are they first served for easier consumption later. 

Overall, i give this bowl of noodles a 8.5/10! It didn't look like alot but it was really filling and i enjoyed every bit of the soup! :)

Wheelock Place #b2-02

Decided to have some icecream before heading home! Wanted to have Boost instead but they were already closed! :(

Anyway, that's all for today, thanks for reading! 

Happy wednesday! x

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