Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Taiwan Super Idol 台湾超级偶像

Hi! So i just got back from Taiwan, and though it was a terribly short trip and i honestly wished i'd extended my stay, it was still a really exciting and memorable one. 

I mentioned previously that we were invited to a taiwanese variety programme in TW and had to fly over in short notice for filming. The show is 超级偶像 Super Idol. Though i've never actually heard or watched it, i learnt that it is currently one of the most popular singing competitions in Taiwan. 

Initially, i was really skeptical and apprehensive about it, so afraid that we'd be scammed haha, so i did some homework and asked a few friends for opinions and suggestions. I was quite relieved when they assured me that it is a safe and reputable tv station. So after a day's consideration, we decided to embark on our new adventure! 

On the day of our flight, we were met with a few mishaps, our flight was delayed for an hour and when we touched down in Taiwan, we waited for close to an hour before realising that Wenhan's guitar never boarded the plane!! It was soo unfortunate cos we had to rush to the studio immediately and we were already late and his guitar was instrumental in our entire performance. 

We were pretty much in a frantic! I've personally never had to prepare a song and performed it on a tv show, so this is a first! I was really worried cos we only had a couple of days to put something together and rehearse. And to add to all the stress and anxiety, i caught a really bad flu the day before the flight/show and could barely sing :/

Eventually, we arrived at the studio safely and rehearsals only took 10mins!! Our liaisons were super friendly and took really good care of us, made sure all the preparations, hotel accommodations, etc were well taken care of. 

I was only aware of the situation/procedures when we got there, it was sort of a PK (Player Kill) performance where each of the regular contestants were matched with an external contestant. Our job was to challenge a contestant on a show and both performances would be judged and deliberated by a panel of judges. If the PK contestant won, then the regular contestant would be subjected to another round of competition and may be eliminated from the competition. If the PK contestant fails, the regular   contestant would advance to the next stage of competition immediately. 

We met the most formidable opponent in the competition, a girl with amazing strong vocals and she delivered a stellar performance by Christina Aguilera. Our final score was 3-2. Haha you must be wondering if we were successful, well you'd have to watch to find out! I'm not sure when and which channel it's on yet, but i'll find out and put it up here once i do! 

I wasn't really nervous or anything once i got there even though i screwed up rehearsals half the time haha and even when we were practising on our own, i was really lacklustre and quite worried i couldn't deliver. However, though our performance was flawed, we did better than expected and i was really really happy with our performance and the positive comments we received from the 5 judges. on the second day, i realised there was a judge that i really really liked, the bald one, 王治平老师 and was hoping to hear his comments but 3 of the teachers had already given theirs, so i was slightly disappointed! I watched him on an episode on 康熙 and thought he was really charming and knowleagable haha so i wanted to know what he thought about our performance! 

Anyway, enough talk, i'll just let the photos do the talking though i didn't take alot, as usual. We made alot of new friends and had a wonderful experience on stage, i'm glad we agreed to participate in the end cos i was really looking forward to the foood actually and excited to catch up with my taiwanese friends! 

Met up with my gorgeous girl Treeny! She's grown prettier again!

Wanted to go clubbing but headed to join Jacob at SOGO Partyworld for a brief ktv session instead! 

Beaver fever :)

On our final day, 江江 and 粗粗, the show's producer and assistant decided to bring us out brunch before sending us off to the airport. They are soooo sweet!! Really pleased to have met such warm and loving taiwanese peoeple! It was so fun getting to know them and 江江 specially bought us famous   taiwanese pineapple tarts earlier in the morning. They've only ended work at 4am and had to meet us at 10am, so i was really touched!

All in all, it was a really fun and fruitful trip, can't wait to be back there during summer, it's so cold and chilly over there now! I miss the food already, didn't get to eat as much as i wanted and visited the places i used to go, but i'm still grateful for the experience and all the time and affection that our friends have given us throughout this whole trip! 

Til' then! :D

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