Tuesday, 1 January 2013

超級偶像 / PK赛

As you guys may know, i recently flew over Taiwan to participate in a variety show Super Idol!

I'm super stoked to be sharing this with you for the first time! I was really embarrassed when i saw the video and didn't repost it anywhere haha, but i guess i've come to terms with myself now since my friends have been posting it for me instead -_-  (我非常兴奋,因为因为影片的短片已经出炉了!这是我第一次能跟你们分享!起初看了我实在很害羞,真的很不习惯!可是朋友都很贴心,很鼓励,都帮我在他们的Facebook和朋友分享!所以呢。。我也只好认了!哈哈

Here's my first goodie for the new year! Hope you guys like it! (希望你们喜欢!)

We come in at 4:00 but do watch the entire show if you like shows such as these! I heard that Super Idol is now the most popular reality tv singing competition in Taiwan, after buying the rights from American Idol. 

Thank you for watching! And Happy holidays! ;) (如果有什么评价,大家不妨让我知道, 我一定会读!谢谢咯!也祝大家新年快乐2013!)

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  1. Luvin' the video haha! Don't worry Gwen, it's ok! A few good laughs to share with friends!

    Happy new year dear! Have a blessed one!

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    ❤ ~Chai