Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebration

It was a delicous and unforgettable day for me when I celebrated my 26th birthday over the weekend. This is kind of a long entry but i'll be posting tons of selfies of me and my guests! A tad disappointed that i didn't manage to take photos with everyone.. but i did have a really amazing night eating the yummiest home-made bbq food and catching up with my dearest friends and family!

So what i really really wanna say is... THANK YOUUUU!!!! (in Tom Fletcher wedding tune lol)

To my family who made it happen and to everyone who attended the celebration! It's sucha good excuse to get everyone together and catch up! I'm well aware that most of my friends are very busy people so i'm really thankful and appreciate that they made it to my party.. with awesome presents! heheh 

Big shoutout to Daddy who started the fire, M who barbecued most of the food for a good 4 hrs, George for putting his satay skills to good use, Isaac for using eye power and especially to Mummy & my beloved aunties for making the yummiest curry, salads, wings and bread! 

It was also a bonus surprise when my lovely cousins prepared sambal stingrays and fish for everybody! And to the cutest nieces and nephews who helped entertained my guests that night! 

I was glad we decided to order most of the meats from a caterer/friend, Chelsea, when she provided some for Duncan's birthday last year. I remembered the food being super yummy but i have to say.. they taste even better this time round!! 

I mean.. most bbq food quite standard right? But hers would make you go 'Ooooo..ahhhhh...mmMMMMMMMmmm...!!!!!' and you wanna whack more haha! For my bbq, she recommended the pork chops, pork belly, steak and kebab, wings and all my guests LOVED IT!! At one point, i thought there was no way we could finish all the food cos i prepared alot of food but lucky everyone were asking for refills on their plates cos everything was good!

My favourites were the steak, and pork chops! And my mom's homemade salad! Everyone loved my aunt's traditional curry tho! Apparently, it was the highlight of the night!

Anyway, if you're having a bbq and decide to try something new, you can contact my friend, Chelsea at (HP: 9008 2792). Her homemade lemonade was icing on the cake too, it wasn't too sweet or sour and was very refreshing!

I personally feel that food is the most important component to a great party, aside from the company of course, so it was really hard to tell if most of em' had more fun catching up, making new friends or simply indulging in the sumptuous spread.

I wished there were 10 of me though, so i could sit 1 of each of me down with separate groups and be part of all their conversations. However, i was certain that my friends were all pretty self-entertaining, if not, the little imps' antics made for great entertainment that night. 

We really photocopy meh???

Have a lovely week ahead! :)


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