Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcoming TwentyThirteen / Dota2

To welcome 2013, i decided to host a get-together bbq with a few really close friends on the 30th! Even though all of em' are close to me, it's the first time most of them met each other! So i was really glad that things weren't awkward and everyone hit it off immediately. It was so much fun, and the evening eventually turned into a major bitchfest haha. XD

Anyway didn't get to take alot of photos as usual cos they were too busy eating while i multi-task story-telling while serving food. Eventually when i sat down, there were no more food cos they were starving and the food was awesome!!! So no food pics! 

Actually i just came back from a NYE steamboat gathering with the girls which turned out to be an even crazier night, i almost died laughing to their exceptionally lame jokes haha. Thank you Yuki for hosting and Stella for inviting me over! And thank awesome M for buying us some really yummy Mao Shan Wang Durians while we countdown to the new year! So happy! 

Quick shots!

Haha to be honest, i'm actually waiting for a game of dota2 while i upload pics to my blog and facebook. I've been on a 6year hiatus ever since WOW was launched and standard game for WarcraftIII started to decline and i decided i should give gaming a break.

Initially i was really reluctant to play cos i was lazy to pick it up again, the new system and interface etc but M urged me to cos he's been quite addicted to it lately. I've been playing my first games for a week now and i have to say i LOVE the new client! It's so much easier to search for games now, and "quitter-proof" hahaha. I wasn't very used to the new keys and interface initially and got owned so bad during my first 3 games while M watched and tutored me on the new interface and settings. 

It got sooo bad that he actually commented that he was rather disappointed with me becos (in his own words,"You used to be very pro and i thought you had some standard, but watching you play, wah really buay tahan, damn lousy." WDF. Seriously? I was pissed out of my mind that he thought i'd still be good at something that i've lost touch for 6years. *fuming face*

However.... i managed to turn it around after 15 games in 3 days! Woohoo! Haha, this is a screenshot from my last game! ( I know.. i'm such a brag! XD)

Btw, i HEART the new mic function! It's so convenient and useful and we no longer have to type while we fight, which makes engaging so much easier! I love mic-ing with my friends, they are soo entertaining and it's so much more enjoyable to play dota now! If you haven't started, DOWNLOAD THE GAME NOW!!! If you are new, and would like to try, download steam and you will also require an invite/cd key. It'd be really tough at the start cos you wouldn't really know how this game works, but all it takes is lots of practice and better with avg-pro friends! :)

So anyway..


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  1. Stay fab and gorgeous Gwen! :)
    Happy new year!

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    Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone!
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    ❤ ~Chai