Sunday, 24 February 2013


I'm suffering from a really bad case of diarrhea!!

Haha, it's a funny story, i invited my friends over for a Chinese New Year Ban Luck Party and initially the plan was so either have steamboat or a bbq, but i couldn't decide and i thought no one confirmed dinner so i decided to make prata and buy curry from a famous stall in Serangoon. 

Almost everyone who attended ate the curry and 90% of the guests who had the curry are having diarrhea now! HAHAHAHA.

My sister asked if i poisoned my brother's friends but i told her that M poisoned me too! Cos he bought the curry and he didn't get diarrhea hahaha. So hilarious! 

I had to rush to the bathroom like 3 times while playing a game of dota, it was so sick... lol

Anyway i'm slightly better now after taking some dhamotil, so i'll keep you guys updated again! 

Will be slightly busy but i hope to stream tmr when i'm feeling better.

Also, i might be going taiwan on tuesday with my girlfriends so i'm really excited! Haven't booked my air tickets yet so imma go do that now and then sleep!

Have a great weekend everyone! Gd nite! 


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