Friday, 1 February 2013


Hi guys! 

This is the crazy piece of news i wanted to share with you! 

I'll be streaming DOTA2 LIVE on Twitch TV this friday evening, 1st Feb 2013! 

This would be my first recording and i'm a little nervous about it cos i've never done something quite like this. And to be doing something that i love yet allowing people watch me to do, its kind of unnerving. You'll be able to see how i play and micro my heroers which is honestly amateur-ish. I know i'm still lousy so yes, you can laugh and mock at my incompetency but it's all in good fun!

I'll try to be as comfortable as i can as i've always felt a little uneasy on screen. 

Just to caution you though, i may be really loud and hysterical at times but that's because i'm really engrossed in the game and may be hurling profanities sometimes.. or perhaps.. all the time hahaha.

Regardless, i hope you tune in anyway! I'm still not very used to the settings on the website but its pretty easy to navigate so if you're watching, you can leave me comments and i'll read whenever my hero dies or during intermission :) 

I'll commence the stream at around 630pm on so i'll see you then! <3

1 comment:

  1. Cool for you Gwen :)

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