Wednesday, 20 February 2013


BFF Ivan invited us to dinner at a restaurant in Dempsey yesterday evening. Initially, we were debating over the different diners in Portsdown and Dempsey cos both of us had different restaurants in mind. Being the considerate friend that i am.. i decided to let him win, so alas, we arrived at Roadhouse that's located in Dempsey! 

We were there pretty early, the restaurant opens at 630pm so we were the first few customers! It was rather peaceful and quiet yesterday, i guess it was partly due to the rain too. We were famished and i already had something in mind for my main! 

Roadhouse has a dimly lit yet cosy american diner setting, keeping it modest and casual. M didn't like the metal chairs though, he thought they were a little stiff and uncomfortable.

That aside, we thought the food was great, though it took a tad long to arrive. First up was The Terminator. This mega burger comprises of 6 Wagyu beef patties, 6 slices of chhese, streaky bacon and topped off with jalapeno chili and a homemade bun. YUM.

BFF and M decided they would share this together and M even commented," Who can't finish this in 20mins? It's so easy!" (There's a 1 man challenge that if can finish the burger in 20mins, it's free!" 

Anyway, chomping down the first patty was no sweat, but by the 2nd patty.. M was already feeling embarrassed about the pompous comment he made earlier. Guess he's not as "tough" as he thought afterall lol.

I, on the other hand, ordered the Josper-Grilled Surf & Turf, a 170g grass fed beef tenderloin, accompanied with onion rings, calamari rings and a salad! I choose this to their Homestead Ribeye cos it had a wider variety of side dishes and i preferred a more tender part of the animal. heheh. 

I loved their calamari and onion rings cos they were made of real squid and onions and were really fresh and crispy. The steak wasn't as tender as i'd expected it to be, but it was good overall, i thoroughly enjoyed it!

Finally, i ordered the Sticky Date Pudding even though Bff highly commended their Chocolate Brownie. I wanted to try something different so i picked the former. It was all right, ain't the best i've had but passable. Was a wee bit too soft and sweet for my liking. 

On the whole, i'd agree for all of us that the food and service were generally good, we had a hearty and gratifying meal! The staff were attentive and kind and that just made the entire experience even more pleasant!

Definitely a must try if you're in the area or feel like having a go at their grills or perhaps, even attempt The Terminator. ^^v

Heh, Good luck!

13 Dempsey Road
Tel: 64762922

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