Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is the first french casual dining restaurant M introduced me to, i asked Duncan out during his lunch hour so we could both try it out together since M has had it at least 4 times now!

I'm not a huge fan of French cuisine but i guess i'm ok with it, only tried Les Amis and Gunthers previously so i don't really have much to make comparisons with.

Coincidentally, Saveur's located right opposite Gunthers at Purvis Street!

Decor was simple and kept to a minimal, it was a very relaxed and casual setting. It was already pretty packed by noon!

The prices at Saveur's very affordable, even though they didn't have an extensive menu. Nonetheless, for a first time visitor like myself, i think there were quite a few good choices in their menu.

For starters, i ordered their Homemade Mushroom Soup (1), Saveur's Pasta (2) as well as the Foie Gras (3).

The foie gras arrived first, then the pasta and the soup. The pan-seared duck liver was surprisingly very soft, tender and juicy and was accompanied with apple-infused port wine that gave the dish a little twist. It lifted the entire dish and the apples were crunchy and refreshing!

The pasta was tasty but it didn't feel quite al dente as i'd liked it to be, had a little grainy soggy feel to it.. not sure if that's how i should describe it. Other than that, i thought the pork sauce they used was pretty good, wasn't too overpowering.

The mushroom soup, however was a major disappointment!
The soup was served in a coffee cup! Though it was innovative, I don't think it looked special or practical cos the spoon they gave us was as huge as the cup! I love my mushroom soups with either huge chunks of mushrooms or little bits of it but this one had neither and tasted bland. More like milk. Wouldn't recommend the soup for starters.

M had the Duck Leg Confit (1) for his main while i had the Beef Short Rib (2), both were equally good and the visual presentation for both the dishes were well put together. Loved the potatoes underneath the duck and steak! So yummy! Duncan decided he'd skip lunch altogether to avoid putting on weight. -.-

It was too early and i was almost exploding from the starters and mains and so, i decided against ordering desserts :(

Heard the Chocolate Mousse with Crushed Hazelnuts is quite good, i'll try the next time i visit again!

On the whole, i thought the food was pretty good, considering how reasonably priced their items were! Give it a shot if you've always wanted to try french but not sure where or how. This is a good place to start! 

5 Purvis Street
Tel: 63333121

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 12pm - 2:30pm
Mon - Sun: 6pm -9:30pm


Hope you enjoyed this short post, i'm finishing this while streaming on Twitch TV haha, will be streaming tmr, so see you guys! 

Good night! :>

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