Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Angels in Disguise

It's 4:30 in the morning and i can't put my mind to sleep!

Kinda excited that i'll be having "Mini Me" over tonight and she'll be staying with me for the next few days. 

"Mini Me" is a younger version of me, a carbon copy of me, at least that's what our families think. I'm not sure if she's as crazy as i was when i was 8 or crazier but we've got the same hidden eyelid eyes, skinny frame, an affectionate and vivacious character and a delirious  persona to go with the entire package lol. Though that makes her even cuter and irresistable to be around.. which makes 2 of us! XD

Anyway, i'm looking forward to babysitting, can't imagine who'd be driven mad first. She was super adorable when i called her up yesterday to check on her progress with homework because she promised she'd finish ALL her homework so she could come over on wednesday instead of thursday. So innocent and child-like, yet i had this uncanny feeling she was putting on her angelic disguise the entire time on the phone with her too cute-unpretentious tone. She's in fact 18. lol, ok i'm not merely making any sense now because i haven't had slp so i'll just leave you with some pictures of us and some bananas! hahaha

I had zilch makeup on so please excuse my browless selfies. 

And i really don't know what i was thinking when i made this but probably trying to humour myself through the severe hunger one afternoon. 


Good night!


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