Friday, 15 March 2013



Got something yummy to share today! This is the famous Pig Trotters i had in Taipei, which is located inside an alley near Chang Chun Road. Took a photo of the address for your reference just in case!


I started with their radish soup and spinach dish. It's a thin soup that goes well with our lunch and the vegetables completed the pig trotters as it may taste a little too oily and "gelat" after eating it for awhile. 
The spinach was crunchy and wasn't too salty, pity we didn't order more of it.

猪脚咬起来很有口感,很嫩, 好像在酱汁里焖煮了很久。

 Throw in a few bits of pig trotter skin (i honestly don't know what to call it), and drench the rice in their home-made gravy, make this simple bowl of rice taste exquisite! OMG..i'm salivating already...

What i loved most about this dish is the back feet parts, it has less meat but that's how i like it! The leg has a really smooth and soft texture to it and it containts chuckloads of collagen, good for us ladies! 


So if you happen to visit Taiwan, be sure to drop by this little eatery, you'll be able to smell it's fragrant aroma from a mile away!

Till tmr! Here are some photos of us shopping at a nightmarket in Taipei!


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