Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Moon

The weekend i spent in Taipei was a blast! 

We spent all our sleepless nights chatting in the hotel room, partying, lan-gaming and suppering! 

Coincidentally, it was Jacob's birthday and he invited me over to celebrate his birthday at a friend's cafe. He was super super nice, offered to take me and my girlfriends out for lunch and accompany to buy my maggi mee! So sweet of him! I felt so bad cos he waited a really long time for us at the hotel when he came to pick us up. 

Also, i had my friends with me so i asked if i could invite 4 of my pretty gfs along to attend the party together. He didn't hesitate when he said ok:) Taiwanese people are so warm and generous, always happy to make new friends heheh!

Skip to the part where we finally met everyone at the cafe, most of em' i've played dota2 with but never met! So i was pretty stoked about meeting my taiwanese friends for the first time! 

Anyway, i'll just let the pictures do the talking now :)

 I know it may not look like it, but it's actually the first time these 3 girls met haha, they are such amorous people these girls! XD

 It took him a good 20mins to finish making his 3 birthday wishes lol.


 Ain't he a lucky man? 


And that's me photo-bombing.. i have no idea who took this but it's in my phone.

咸鱼!Doesn't he have an uncanny resemblance toward Jacky Wu or 康康?? hahaha

It's been almost 4 year since i last met Weiling and Weifen, they used to be so young and petite and now look, they've both grown so tall and sexy! Hopefully we'll all get to catch up again when they come back to Singapore or if i visit Taiwan again :>

Just wanna say thank you for the awesome time i had in Taiwan and wish them a rewarding and successful year ahead and may all of Jacob's wishes come true :)


Jacob 生日快乐喔!

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