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It took us ten minutes over supper on thursday night to decide that we wanted to have a buffet spread on saturday. We settled on Meltz The World Cafe at Marina Oriental initially because i've had that twice and i enjoyed both times thoroughly. However, while i was googling on their number, i read up on the negative reviews customers have been giving on Hungrygowhere. :( 

So, i decided to do some research and after sieving through various selections of buffet spreads in town, we all agreed to try the weeked buffet at Oscar's Cafe & Terrace at The Conrad Centennial.

The restaurant serves its buffet at 6pm and it was still quite empty when we arrived a little thereafter. I was informed of the Earth Hour period from 830pm - 930pm in the hotel when i called to make reservations so halfway into our  dinner, the lights were off ;D It was kinda romantic.. and inconvenient.. haha but all six of us had such a good time chatting and laughing away, that it didn't really bothered us anyway. 

I was pleased with the snazzy yet comfortable interiors of the restaurant, our table was spacious and allowed easy access to all the food counters. I learnt about the limited range of cuisines and selections, though a tad disappointed, i wasn't really surprised when i found that out to be true. Nevertheless, most of bloggers/customers had nothing but good reviews for this buffet spread.

I started my dinner with the Sashimi selection, there were 6 types but i ordered mostly the Salmon. I was neither ecstatic about the choices given, nor the quality of the sashimi which i believed was only sub-par. Definitely won't be missing this.

I skipped the sushis, rice and pastas because i wanted to avoid starch/carbohydrates and leave my tummy for all the seafood, steak and desserts! My friends attempted the pastas and they commented that it was all right. 

After finishing 2 plates of salmon, swordfish and tuna, i dived across the seafood section where they served up the freshest of all marine crustaceans. These bright tangerine-coloured baby lobsters make you salivate on sight! 

I favoured the snow crabs the most and crayfish the least as the latter was less sweet and briny and had a tougher texture. Their cereal crayfish from the chinese cuisine section were equally regrettable. On the other hand, the lobsters and crabs were simply divine! I had myself 3  huge servings! The snow crabs in particular had a delicate, sweet flavour to it, though a tad salty but were very soft and tender. I had to give the prawns a miss as i'm allergic to them, funny, i know. Why i'm allergic to prawns and not to all the other seafood lol. Thank God. 

Oscar's also serve 6 different types of oysters all flown in from different parts of the world such as New Zealand, France and the USA. The oysters were extremely fresh and coppery. I garnished my oysters with lots of lemon and they tasted sweet and had a really smooth and soft texture. I prefered the smaller exquisite shellfish as they didn't taste too overwhelming. 

Finally, i move on the other counters where i placed a few different types of cheese and crackers on one plate and beef wellington, steak, as well as some potatoes and roast pork on another. 

I liked the cheese but the crackers were a fail for me. Also, i read that there was gonna be Lamb, but they weren't serving any when i asked the chef. Such a let-down!!! How can they only serve 2 kinds of beef? Totally unacceptable! 

Though i'd say i really enjoyed the standard steak, drizzled in their special mushroom sauce, as it was seared medium rare, just how i like it to be done. However, the Beef Wellington paled in comparision and did not taste as succulent or tender as the former.

The Roast Pork turned out to be one of the highlights of the night as well, it was crispy, salty, juicy and exceedingly chewy. Thinking back now, i kinda wished i grabbed more of that..

I ended the first part of my meal with Waffles and a scoop of Maple Walnut Ice Cream from Movenpick. Waffles were crisp and fluffy and all of us enjoyed it very much. We savoured all the different types of icecream available and the powerful combination kept us going back for more. 

 Bread pudding, could've been fabulous if it were warmer. 
 Not good, whatever this is. 

The other desserts were passable while chocolates, gummies and macaroons were a bonus.

After the hour-long lights out, we continued dinner heading toward the salad bar. I heard about the "amazingggg" selection of salad from BFF. Imagine the crushed look on my face when i walked over to find the sorely limited range of toppings they provided. There were less than 7, including eggs, sauteed mushroooms, cheese, croutons and cherry tomatoes. Fortunately, the caesar salad turned out to be really good, no false expectations on that. 

In between, i also tried the Ginseng Chicken Soup as well as Wanton Mee from the noodle bar outside. Both were sub-standard and equally bland. Ended dinner with more icecream and fruits! 

For the most part, the buffet spread was scrumptious and gratifying, though there were quite a few misses, i enjoyed the food on the whole but i had a stellar company to thank for a marvellous night out. 

The hotel probably made a few tweaks to the variety and arrangement, so some of the reviews i read were probably out-dated. Hopefully they expand on their choices and improve the standards of the other dishes that were lacklustre. 

Service was impeccable, waiters were friendly, attentive and prompt. Loved their teas and complimentary juices!

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3.8/5
Service: 4.8/5
Damage: 4.5/5 ($88++ per pax for weekend buffets)

Here's what you need if you wish to make a reservation!

Lobby Level, Conrad Centennial Singapore

2 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 64327481
Opening :Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 14:30
Mon - Sun: 18:00 - 22:00
Sun: 12:00 - 15:00

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