Friday, 22 March 2013


Brought some friends down to Wimbly Lu for 2 consecutive nights!

The desserts were pretty food the last time round and we wanted to try more desserts because i got more friends down this time. hehe

The cafe wasn't crowded on wednesday so when we got there at 830pm last night, i was slightly appalled to see the number of people queuing up after us. It was insane. There were many couples who came in at 9 and decided to leave cos there were 4-5 people ahead of them in the queue. While there were others w who took a glance through the glass doors and decided not to come in at all. Yup, the Wimbly Lu's THAT popular!

Anyway, partly why my friends liked it here was due to the extremely affordable prices of their desserts and the pretty waitress! And other than their prompt service and relaxed settings, there's really nothing i can nitpick about.

These are the new sweet treats we tried last night:

Hazelnut Butterscotch Bar

Everyone at the table really liked this one but it was way to much for me, felt like i was suffering from a toothache from all that sugar! However, the bottom crust helped balanced out the utterly sweet chewy brown sugar coating. 

One of the better ones i've had, i've never liked Tiramisu-Anything very much, but their rendition had a subtle taste of alcohol and was really smooth and delightful! It didn't have a heavy bitter aftertaste so i was pleasantly surprised.

Rootbeer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Probably my favourite dessert of the lot! I love the sweet on sweet combination of the icecream and cake drizzled in chocolate sauce. SO SOOO GOOOD!! I tasted a hint of rootbeer flavour upon my first bite and the cake melted instantaneously! So light and fluffy,     i wished i ordered one more cos' the portion was a tad small. It just wasn't enough for me!

Definitely gonna take this away the next time i visit. 

And the ones we keep coming back for..

Molten Lava Cake // Waffles

Minions #1 #2 and #3


That's all for today guys, thanks for reading! 

Be back soon :)

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