Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Spent the best afternoon having tea and cakes with my favourite couple in the world!

Also bought a fresh box of macaroons from the newly launched Ladurée before heading over to The Picture Makers office!

Dearest Ange's belly has now grown twice the size since i last met them, which in my honest opinion, feels more like a basketball that she lups around with her cos she's not behaving like a pregnant woman! So agile and energetic! She got me worried for a moment when she started prancing around the pantry, making tea for us!

Back to the macaroons! KC and Ange loved it! However, these are definitely expensive considering most macaroons in Singapore cost arnd $2.30 - $3 so i was relieved and very pleased that they enjoyed trying out the different flavours we got them. Ange liked Chocolate Yuzu best and commented that the texture of the macaroons were pretty similar to the ones from Antoinette while KC thoroughly indulged himself in the Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel macaroons! We thought the Salted Caramel was a tad too sweet whilst the Vanilla and Pistachio ones tasted like coconuts (is that odd?). The crust was soft and brittle but crunchy and the fillings were rich and creamy but not too sweet!

We liked Pistachio least cos' it was quite bland and under-whelming, but overall, the macaroons and the elegant packaging were exquisite!
It was definitely a refined way to get Ange to put on weight for the baby ^.^v

Anyhow, i hope you guys have a great evening, i've been trying really hard to go to bed early and readjust my clock as my skin's becoming awfully leathery lately and i'm always feeling so lethargic. :( Oh but i do want to share a few articles with you soon so stick around! 



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