Thursday, 25 April 2013


It's been almost a week since i updated my blog but i swear i've got a valid reason for it..

I've been filming till late the last couple of days! =B

Director QL from a tvc i did earlier this year asked if i'd be interested to be cast as a female lead in a mini series he was directing for Channel U and i jumped at it! I have tons of free time on hand and i thought after such a long time, it would be cool to try acting again. 

It turned out to be pretty fun but really tiring! I realise it wasn't easy being an actor! 

I guess i was a little apprehensive, considering the fact that i haven't had much experience in acting and had to memorise tons of lines while juggling 12 hours shifts. I wasn't exactly prepared for it but i'm glad we managed to wrap up before the sun set on the last day! Almost got hammered by the director cos we kept messing up our lines A_A haha

It turned out to be a great experience and i had a whooopie time hanging out with the crew. The director was awfully nice to us too and it was amusing when he commented that he was most impressed with my acting when i'm not on camera and the moment they turned the camera to me, i'd be totally lost lol. 

Anyway, some photos i took at the bridal shop when i was doing a fitting the day before filming.

Haha, my mom told me she almost died when i announced that i'll be going for a bridal fitting during my cousin's birthday dinner. She was genuinely upset! lol i felt so bad after.. i should really stop pulling pranks on my family so often =S hee

Oh! And some pictures i took with HAPPY over the weekend! He's such a darling :)

Look at the camera baby!

Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead! 

Be back later!


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  1. It's way overdue for you! Never understood why it took ppl so long to put you there on tv/screen in a major way.