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One of the most essential part of my daily skincare regime is LIP CARE. A supple, healthy-looking pout is bound to turn heads, hence it is exceptionally importantly to take good care of our lips, keeping it lush and hydrated! So today, i've decided to do a review on some of the lip pomade's i've used over the past 9 years, a few of which are real-life savers! Hope you like this entry if you're a crazy balm-head like me!

I used to suffer from extremely sensitive and easily chapped lips due to factors like stress, bad weather and hormonal changes. That really bothered me because it was not only uncomfortable and itchy, it was unsightly and made lip(stick) application of any kind impossible.

These days, i would use a damp cloth or baby toothbrush (with really soft bristles) and gentle rub my lips in a circular motion to remove any dry, dead skin before lathering a generous amount of moisturising lip balm to keep them lush and hydrated all day!

I don't use sugar paste or lip exfoliators as i've tried several and am extremely allergic to anything that's rough or abrasive to my lips, hence, i've decided to use the above method indefinitely!

FYI, I've personally used all these products before reviewing and/or recommending them.
It is a personal list of the best lip balms/conditioners i've used for the past 9 years and i would normally
take a long time to test and review a product as results don't appear instantaneously. However, once i find something suitable that works for me, i will start using it religiously till it is thoroughly spent or find an even better product.


In my opinion, i think tubes look more young and fun while bullets are more sleek in design and both are definitely more hygienic than the pot. However, i prefer pots to tubes because they usually come in a tasteful packaging and has been given more creative thought into the design aspect, so they make for prettier gifts!

I always clean the the tip of the tubes/bullets after using it to coat my lips, whereas pots are slightly messier and it's much easier to introduce gems to it so it's wise to sanitise our fingers before dipping our fingers in and remember to cap them back immediately after use.


Okay.. Here goes!


I had my first go at lip balms when my cousin let me try her Body Shop Lippy Lip Balm in Strawberry at 10. And boy was it yummy! Like all their other range of products that have a noticeably strong fragrance, this one doesn't disappoint if you're looking for something inexpensive and delicious.

However, other than the yummy fragrance and the slight tint of colour it gives my lips, this balm doesn't really do much for me when it comes to hydrating power and wears off rather quickly.

2.5/5 for this youthful sweet-scented lippie!


This was the first cosmetic lip conditioner i've ever purchased for myself, i was 17 then. I know, i was a late bloomer! I was initially there to purchase some eye shadows, glosses when the M.A.C. attendant recommended this to me and helped me test it out on my lips before i decided i HAD to buy it.

It was a small white tube then and comes in a slick colourless solution. Upon application, it has a extremely emollient and almost shiny finish. This product conditions well but it's not great. Mostly because i notice how the ingredients in this formula would separate after a period of time and oil would spill out from the tube. Even though tubes are more handy and hygienic, the spillage from the tube would create a mess in my purse/handbags. I give this a 3/5 because it has an SPF 15 but dries up relatively fast and requires re-application every now and then to moisturise my lips.


Anna Sui's beautiful light-weight tin salve smells of heavenly roses and comes in a shade of romantic pale pink. This makes the perfect girly gift and has an SPF 22 to protect the lips from the sun. It also glides on like butter if you already have smooth supple lips to begin with. However, other than the cute vintage packaging, this sheer balm is rather thin and runny and doesn't condition the lips as much as i'd like it to be.

I'm giving this a 3.2/5 for the delicate scent of roses and thoughtful packaging!


What is there not to LOVE about Lip Smackers?! I adore the ultra-cute packaging and the ton of yummy flavours that's available from their range of lip pomade. I bought mine in a drugstore in Vegas and i regret not buying more because they are super affordable and is an instant perk-me-up with its mouth-watering flavours. I feel like Barbie every time i put some on!

Strawberry is by far my favourite flavour, in fact, the first Lip Smacker flavour created was strawberry! So sweet and divine! It does an average job of moisturising and protecting the lips and is available in different finishes depending on what flavour/scent you pick.

3.5/5 hearts for this lip-smacking genius-of-a-creation for it's fun and inexpensive load of goodness!


Vaselin is basically petroleum jelly and is well-known for its all-purpose uses. I don't use it to protect or condition my lips very much but i've experimented it with eye shadows to make sparkly lip glosses haha. And i hate to say this but i'm sure many of you would agree that Vaselin smells peculiar! It's like the first time opening the door to your 30 year old storage room and you smell this queer musty odor..

On the contrary, i do like it for its multi-purpose advantages, i use it a lubricant to smooth and sooth dry areas and minor cuts on my skin. Many times we neglect areas like our elbows, the soles on our feet, so sometimes, i would rub a generous amount on my elbows after exfoliating and also on my heels and cuticles and put my socks on to lock the moisture in before i go to bed.

If you're looking for something affordable and effective but don't mind the queer odor, Vaselin would be an ideal choice for you!


I was instinctively attracted by the window display of the Fresh flagship store in Vegas and invited myself in to try their testers. I was instantly enchanted by their subtle aromatic perfumes and lip fragrances that i decided to buy 5 of their lip treatments to bring home and give friends!

At first whiff, the balm has a waxy, synthetic scent but after application, it smells glorious! The balm is stiffer and waxier in texture and gives a dewy, tinted finish. The Berry and Plum flavours i kept for myself provide a good protective layer with an SPF 15 and smells so good it's addictive! I also like the matte packaging (no fingerprints!) and the functional twist off mechanism so the cap will never accidentally pop off!

I'm into my second Sugar Lip Treatment in PLUM which is a pretty shade of sheer burgundy colour, the Berry was a sheer wine colour whereas the Rose one gives a just-kissed glow to the lips. I've also tried wearing these as a night treatment in an air-conditioned room and they stay on pretty well, at least for the first half of the night.

Overall, it has an innovative packaging and works wonders for my easily chapped lips, so i'm giving it a 3.8/5! 


I mentioned earlier that i suffered from eczema around my lip area 4 years ago and it got really dry, chappy and uncontrollably itchy. I was looking around for a remedy that would instantly and effectively improve the condition of my nasty-looking lips.

It was then that i found this little miracle worker which not only helped ease and repair my awfully cracked lips, it also saved my life! I was really embarrassed and diffident of my appearance then and this lip treatment was able to nourish, regenerate and lastingly protect my lips from redness and further chapping in a short period of time. Using this and some Hydrocortison, it took about 3-5 days when i noticed my lips start to fully recover.

Packed with tons of moisture and lots of shine, this salve instantly and effectively gives my lips a moisture boost and prevents further environmental assault. 4/5 lippies!


A candle-like texture lip balm that has the most pleasant no-fragrance aroma i've ever smelt. It has the same consistency as the Fresh Sugar Lip one but doesn't give any tint or colour. It has become essential for me to use it before flying as it's ultra-rich formula provides a thick protective layer in one generous coating to prevent chapped lips from intense dryness in the cabin air.

Says on the description," Shea Butter enhances barrier function of the lips, as a unique extract blend shields against pollution, temperature extremes, stress, and hormonal factors." 
Unquestionably one of the best replenishing and hydrating lip balm that's made to combat harsh weather conditions in a functional, clever packaging. So it's a definite 4.2/5 for me!


I was utterly thrilled when i received this as a birthday gift from a dear friend this  year. I've always wanted to try this product but haven't had the chance as i was using several other lip conditioners.

Formulated with colour reviver technology, this means that upon application, it responds intuitively to the pH level of your lips to create a shade that's exclusively yours. This lustrous lip balm glides on like a dream and guarantees the perfect bee-stung pout!

Who can resist this deliciously decadent lip balm that promises a fresh and radiant customised colour result, with a hint of vanilla and SPF 10 to prevent sun damage?

 4.5/5 for the immaculate design and brilliant benefits this product claims to achieve for every woman!

*****drum roll*****


. . 

. . . 

. . . .  


This is THE ULTIMATE luxurious healing salve that comes in a frosted glass packaging that is both weighty and refined. The Baume de Rose has an intensely hydrating formula,  with moisturising benefits  and SPF 15 that help to restructure parched, chapped lips. This is by far the richest and most lasting balm with a sumptuous salve texture that immediately nourishes and repairs my lips. I use this before make up to prep my lips and it is also the most essential part of my night time regime as my lips dry up super fast in an air-conditioned room and this magic balm stays on the entire night! 12 hours straight without wearing off!

This is a cult product adored by many celebrities including Madonna, whom i heard bought 50 at a go as door gifts for friends and relatives. If you're wondering what's the fuss all about..

Well, the Baume de Rose not only works wonders on the lips but also doubles up as a treatment that cares for and strengthens the cuticles! I coat a bean size onto the rough edges around my nail bed whenever i trim my cuticles to protect and nourish the skin. It helps reduces the raw redness around my nails and my cuticles almost softens immediately every time!

If you are not familiar with this brand or Terry, you may have heard of the YSL Touche Éclat. Well.. Terry de Gunzburg was responsible for creating this ingenious concealer-highlighter hybrid that revolutionized the industry and made it YSL's most popular and emblematic beauty product to date.

She has since moved on and created her own range of skin care and cosmetic products which i am all nuts about and have been using religiously for the past 2 years. It's a cult brand and i can't resist buying their best-selling products including their multi-corrective concealer, tinted moisturiser, foundation brush, powders etc. They also have the best lip liners in the market because they are not as dry as most and don't break easily. I love wearing their lip liners after applying the Baume de Rose as it allows the lip liner to go on easier and lasts longer. The colour doesn't come off as easily as most lip sticks do and helps give a glossy effect.
The downside is.. it's not widely available in departmental stores and may be quite pricey. Regardless, this is a product that never leaves my sight, i bring it with me everywhere even if i'm going abroad. It's worth every penny of my money! A precious salve with the best formula, most delicate rose-scented texture that coats lips and cuticles even in the harshest of all weathers!

4.8/5  for the clear winner!


YAY! That sums up the last bit of my uber longgg entry! I spent the 6 hours going back and forth testing and sniffing my lip balms hoping to give the best possible evaluation of the products, so i really hope you've enjoyed this post or at least find it informative for future references.

Good night and thanks for reading! :)


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