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I had the pleasure of being treated to an extravagant indulgence at the famed Chef Tetsuya's restaurant, Waku Ghin, on tuesday night. I was thrilled to finally visit this restaurant as i've heard lots of good things about the chef and its fine cuisine.

We were welcomed by the warm and attentive staff and were promptly seated infront of a long surface grill facing a wall with protruding rosewood blocks. Very private and exclusive indeed.

Sous chef brought in a surfeit of fresh seafood before the start of our 10-course degustation dinner.
Flan of Oyster was the first savoury course of the evening. The Oyster, accompanied with Puree of Bacon and Spinach hitting me like a wave of fresh seawater was sweet and pillowy and also had a clean metallic taste. The broth/liquor brings back memories of a childhood dish Grandma used to cooked, it was delish!

Next up was Chef Tetsuya's signature Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar.
Even though i'm allergic to prawns, i insisted on trying this dish anyway. It wouldn't be much of a signature if i had requested for the prawns to be removed right?

I've never tasted prawns in their raw form and they were extremely sweet succulent!
The sea urchin had a really creamy texture and the caviar, savoured deliberately with a mother-of-pearl spoon was truly exceptional. It's salty, crunchy butter-like taste completes this dish by adding a whole new dimension to it.

The Slow-Cooked John Dory with Roasted Eggplant was well-plated but not memorable.

The fourth dish, an Australian Abalone with Fregola and Tomato was rather disappointing.The abalone had a bland taste and a really tough texture which made chewing a little torturous.

Fortunately, the Braised Canadian Lobster with Tarragon tasted much better than both the dory and abalone and i enjoyed watching the chef prepare this dish thoroughly while having my meal.

Now, beef is what gets me excited and all fired up so when the Charcoal Grilled Fillet of Tasmanian Grass-Fed Beef with Tetsuya's Wasabi Mustard was finally served, it only took me a few mere minutes to indulge and completely devour it. I must say this is my favourite course of the evening! The beef, dipped in wasabi mustard was so sweet and lusciously tender and melted in my mouth almost immediately! Must've been one of the best beef i've ever had! SO SO GOOD!

The few cubes of beef were barely enough to get me by and had me salivating for more! Thankfully, the next course was served promptly and to my most pleasant surprise, it's Japanese Ohmi Wagyu from Shiga Prefecture with Wasabi and Citrus Soy. This Blackmores beef with an absurd marbling score of 9 had been thinly sliced and grilled to perfection and served with ponzu sauce. Simply divine!

Fresh wasabi being grated on a shark's skin grater!

And the last course we had before moving on to our desserts, Consomme with Rice and Snapper.

We were seated in a grand and spacious dining hall, overlooking an extensive wine cellar.

My dining companion and i were served with a final cup of Gyokuro to cleanse our palates before commencing on desserts.

Blueberry Three Ways is a Sour Cream Ice Cream accompanied with Japanese Crushed Ice. Nevermind that the blueberries (hidden underneath the crushed ice) were a tad sour because the icecream was so so good! It wasn't too sweet but had a subtle hint of sour cream to help balance out the flavour.

The other highlight of the night is definitely the Ghin Cheese Cake. Ghin being Chef's Tetsuya's favourite colour and embellished atop the cheesecake in a form of a tiny leaf and dusted with icing sugar. The lemon curd cheesecake was light and airy and definitely unforgetable.

To round off our evening, a Petit of Fours were served with a tea of my choosing. I skipped the dark chocolate truffles and the macaroons were blah. The rest of the other hand, were simply exquisite!

The whole experience was quite delightful even though i didn't enjoy all the savoury courses. Service was first rate and the restaurant's minimalist theme and exclusive ambience complemented its foods successfully.

On a side note, i'm not sure if i'd spend $400++/pax for this 10-course degustation dinner again, considering the fact that i had an allergic reaction to the fresh prawns. That part wasn't quite tasteful so i'll leave it for the next entry but overall, it was a lovely dining experience!

Waku Ghin
Marina Bay Sands (Casino Level 2)
Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
T: 65 6688 8507

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