Friday, 24 May 2013


It's been exactly a week since i last blogged, and i apologise for the lack of updates!
I've been out almost everyday of the week!

Went to Sim Lim with M today to help my brother build his computer before heading to town to do some shopping together :)

Baby brother bought me a new sports bra so i would start exercising! Apparently, i have quite a weak heart and i'm not supposed to drink any hard liquor or try anything too extreme or exciting lol. Sigh, I may be skinny and only 26 but my body like shes feels 46!

I don't party or drink, not even red wine.. but i don't exercise either, so i guess i oughta start now before i die young. XD

I'll try to post more photos later this week because it's already 4:40 in the morning!! Another bad, unhealthy habit i should kick.. zzz

Aza aza fighting!
Have an awesome Vesak Day everyone! =)


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