Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hi everyone!  

Today, i'll be sharing a few amazing products from my all-time favourite Korean brand, Laneige!
Some of my girlfriends who are reading this may know that i'm a major Laneige devotee and have been using many of their skincare products religiously over the past 4 years.
(this is just half the stash i keep at home..)

I was first introduced to Laneige in my younger days when the TV runs their commercials starring my favourite Korean actress, Jeon Ji Hyun!! She's absolutely stunning and i just love her cool, sassy vibe while still managing to look so pristine and effortless on tv!
However, i was a student then and couldn't afford to buy myself skincare products until i got my first real job. By this time, Laneige had elected a new spokesperson and it was none other than K-Drama Goddess Song Hye Kyo!!! ADORE HER! She makes a fitting Laneige ambassador with her immaculate skin, seasoned acting chops and sweet personality!

Hence, it won't come as a surprise to say that when i decided on my first Laneige product 4 years ago, it was because of her :)

So i wanted to share with you guys my favourite Laneige Skincare & Make Up Product! After testing out many of their products (mostly skincare), and using them for so many years, i feel that it's an approriate time to share my thoughts and experiences that i've had when using this products as my opinions are more reliable and credible after using them myself for a such a long period of time. 

Before i begin, here's a little background on my skin type - I have an ultra-sensitive, oily-combination skin that is easily irritated. Therefore, i'm extra cautious and selective when it comes to skincare products that i apply onto my bare skin. 
Also, 98% of my skincare products are made up of either aqua or thermal water as they penetrate into the skin the fastest and long periods of usage have proved that they are most effective and suitable for my skin.

Enough of me, let's get started!


I've tried several BB Creams and i've never had one quite like this. When the sales attendant recommended it to be when it first launched 2years ago, i tried it and i was sold! It's been my go-to BB Cream ever since :)

(Both photos below have not been edited, i have retained the lighting, blemishes and even my moles to give the most accurate result of the look i achieved with the Snow BB.)

I've applied the Snow BB on my left face and notice how on the right eye, my eye bag and dark circles look heavier and duller than the left?

After applying only the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion, my face instantly brightens up and my dark circles have lightened by half!  The redness around my cheeks have also been well concealed  with the cooling Snow BB and some light translucent powder to set the makeup.

My Holy-Grail BB Cream for an everyday natural, healthy look.

Why i like it: 

- steering away from the norm, it comes in a sleek, sturdy packaging 
- has a really thin consistency, but gives a medium coverage
- glides onto skin smoothly and effortlessly
- feels light-weight, cooling and uber moisturising
- sweat-proof so the makeup doesn't feel greasy or clumpy on hot days
- SPF 50 ++ PA (BONUS!!)
- fingers are mess free as a puff is provided for clean, easy application
- thin sponge has 800,00 micropores to pick up just the right amount of product in 1 swipe
- comes with additional refill that lasts me a good 2-3 months

The only concern i have is that because i use my the Snow BB on a daily basis, i wished the puff could be easier to clean and maintain. Even when using an oil makeup remover, there were still alot of residue left on the sponge and i ended up tearing it while rubbing too vigorously :(

Moving on..


(my 4th bottle almost empty..)

This was a terribly difficut decision to make because 50% of my skincare products are from Laneige and all of them i love very much! And if i really really had to pick my absolute favourite, then it would definitely be my trusty Clear-C Effector!

The Clear-C Effector is actually the first step to my everyday skincare regime and the only product that i do not skip when doing my daily skincare routine. 

Why i like it:

- an extra boost of Vitamin-C that rejuvenates and brighten up my complexion
- slightly gelatinous consistency allows it to be absorbed into the skin almost instantly
- leaves the skin feeling refreshed and radiant

How i use it:

1. On a thoroughly cleansed face,  i pump a small amount of the product into my hands and spread it all over my face, avoiding the eyes. Pat dry before applying other day/cream serums and lotions.

2. I gently pat the Clear-C Effector all over my face and apply the White Plus Renew Eye Serum before lathering a generous amount of Water Sleeping Pack_EX before going to bed. This leaves my skin feeling supple and radiant in the mornings!

3. After removing the White Plus Renew Purifying Mask, i only apply the ultra-rich booster and nothing else so as to allow my skin to breathe and rest once in a while. I do this fortnightly.

(trying my best to channel my inner Song Hye Kyo in these poses..haha)

However, when using the Clear-C Effector, don't expect it to produce instant results as i feel this is a product that will gradually change your complexion over time. It took me 2-3 weeks to see results and i've been loving this ever since! This is a product that i buy again and again and again, so you know how much i like it!

Other than using these products, don't forget to sleep well, drinks lots of fluids and keep a happy state of mind to look good and feel good! Good luck ladies! :)

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  1. Hey, there! Wow! You are a big fan of Laneige! Well, since you are, do you mind if I ask you few questions? I am looking for new line to try before finishing up my TheFaceShop Flebote White Crystal line so I was thinking why not Laneige! So what do you think of Laneige White Plus Renew line? Is it suitable for someone who have oily-normal skin like me?
    Thanks for sharing this and hope you're gonna have great weekend!
    xx, Mira