Wednesday, 29 May 2013


(Right now, i just need to scream and shout and let it out.. No, it ain't got nothing to do with the song but you'll find out momentarily. So just let me.)

Headed down to town yesterday evening for a catchup dinner with some friends, turns out they were late for more than one bloody hour and i had to sit where i sit, all by myself, with my food, which has by then, turned absolutely cold and tasteless and dine by myself when i decided they weren't going to reach after 50 minutes of mindless waiting. 

Honestly, i was more upset than i was pissed off because they were the ones who wanted to meet and decided on the time. So.. if they weren't planning on arriving promptly, then at least they should have the courtesy of telling me to leave the house later or meet at a later time instead of putting me through the long wait while they take their own sweet time to doll themselves up?? (steaming just thinking about it again! Guess i should be grateful that i have a forgetful mind and maybe evening a forgiving heart haha.)

Anyway, i dismissed all my unhappy thoughts once they both arrived, but.. sad to say, they were unapologetic. I mean, even though i'm not working right now, i don't see why they should subject ME, their friend, to wait for them for more than an hour and then, pretend nothing happened. Honestly speaking, this isn't the first time and i can only blame myself for allowing them to treat me that way. Bloody foolish. Don't they have any sense of urgency?! 

It was also kinda embarrassing, not that i mind dining alone, cos i don't, and i actually find that rather therapeutic. However, my dear cousin, texted me in our APP group chat to look up at my 12 o'clock a min after i was seated lol. Turns out, he was there with his gf to have tea with her on his birthday!

Haha, how coincidental! Of cos, i went over to say hi and went back to my seat quickly so as not to disturb their romantic afternoon tea. Half an hour into his meal, i was still alone, and when he left an hour later, i felt so bad for him (for me) that he had to watch me eat and wait alone even after he's gone! HAHAHA.. thank God i kept myself occupied with texting and calling my supa-awesome friends who kept me company throughout my lonely meal lol. Even managed to schedule a movie date with my dear cousin after dinner! That cheered me up ALOT! Knowing i was going to watch an awesome movie with family and knowing that she's not gonna be late HAHAHA, now i'm just being an arse. 

Anyway, took 2 photos while waiting for M to pick us up for supper after Fast and Furious 6! Loved the show! It was action packed and super thrilling! Was kinda sad when Gisele died in the end, and Han had to killed! So depressing! Did you know bombshell Gal Gardot (who plays Gisele) is an Israeli and was born on 30 April 1985, which makes her only 2 years older than me!! AND she's already married XD 

All right, i'm gonna stop ranting and sign off, haven't slept since i came home today! Been watching cooking shows, movies, editing photos and went to the market at 7am to buy fresh ingredients for dinner with June and Jaselin later! 

Will also be visiting Nook's Pancakes in the afternooon with Jaselin, so i'm seriously considering if it's a good idea to take a nap right now.. i have barely 3 hours! 

Okay, enough bitching and blabbering, gonna end the post with some happy photos! 

And good night.. or GOOD MORNING to You!! =D~

One more before i go!


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