Thursday, 9 May 2013


It's been 2 months since we last met and Ivan is finally done with his exams. We caught up with each other over lunch at Wheelock and alas, i got to try the Vietnamese Banana Fritters from Nam Nam Noodle Bar!

Ivan and i had the lunch set that was on promotion, it was ridiculousy cheap -.- The set includes a Lotus Tea or Iced Coffee, Vietnamese Wrapped Shrimps and a bowl of Noodles of your choice.

Both of us had the ice coffee, though i later regretted that decision cos it was terribly bitter and i had to plead Ivan to finish it for me cos' he doesn't like wasting food =D He liked it though!

I couldn't eat this either because i'm super allergic to prawns so he had it all for himself also. lol 
I was really tempted to try it but the last time i had fresh raw Botan Shrimps, i had rash all over and diarrhea for the next 2 days =S

However, i liked the Banana Fritters alot! Even though it was a tad too sweet, it tasted quite different from the chinese/malay banana fritters from hawker centres. It was hot and crispy on the outside but uber soft and mushy on the inside. Yummy...

And the usual Beef Noodles, Nam Nam's pretty consistent with food so we're both happy we settled on this place. 


Me with no arms.. looks so awkward.

After lunch, we went shopping for gifts for Mother's Day! 
That gives me an idea for my next video..
I oughta do a Mother's Day gift suggestion vlog since i love shopping presents for friends and family heheh.

I'll try to do a video soon so check back again later! 

Thanks for reading guys! Good night!


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