Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I just watched the latest episode on  康熙來了 featuring Coco Lee and it just reminded me of how much i love her and her music! She's still as cool and irresistibly sexy and watching her on tv puts me in a really happy mood cos' she's always so full of positive vibe and energy! 
I started noticing her on taiwanese variety shows when i was in my early teens. Back then, she donned on flamboyant outfits and crazy orange hairdos and i instantly fell in love with her huge and vivacious personality!

I remember being flippin' high when i attended my first Coco Lee concert in Singapore 2 years ago cos' it was like a dream come true to watch her perform live! AND i got to shake her hand!!! Her hands were so soft and puny haha

I was a silly fan girl and i think i still am! Gotta give her my respect because she's as equally smart and kind as she is sexy and talented.

BTW, you can watch the episode below :)

After watching the video, i was quite amused at the end when Dee Hsu (Xiao S) was probing and teasing Coco about how casual she is privately. (Digressing...) Dee Hsu is so witty and hilarious, she's really not afraid of being ugly which makes her alot of fun to watch.  Anyway, Coco replied that she's really casual off-duty and a very passionate and easily made-happy person. Then i got curious cos she said she's v easily happy which reminded me of me! Hahaha i'm just comparing this trait and not any other trait ok.. so don't be mistaken! So i went to google her birthday/horoscope. Turns out... Her birthday is one day earlier than mine and she's also a Capricorn!!!

HAHAHA, what did i tell you. Damn i knew there were similarities! So that made my day, ya, knowing that i shared an itsy-bitsy characteristic as my favourite mandarin singer made me really really happy. =D

Okay, i'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings, so here are a few of my favourite Coco Lee tracks if you're interested!

All right, gotta go translate my CV to a chinese version one now T_T
If you're wondering why.. you probably guessed right. I'm currently looking for a job in PR/Marketing, so if you happen to know anyone that's hiring, let me know! I'd really appreciate any kind of help! =D

Have a good night!


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