Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hi there!

You may have guess from the title and collage above that i've been getting my hands dirty!! Yeah! I made my first attempt at Red Velvet Cupcakes! =D

A week ago, Jaselin called and told me she wanted to bake something special for her boyfriend's birthday but doesn't know how because she's never stepped into the kitchen! She needed lots of help and i was eager to save the damsel in distress so i obliged! lol

I don't know much about baking or cupcakes but i  was too eager to lend her a hand! The first and last time i made cupcakes was 3 years back so i googled several recipes online and even watch a couple of videos just to get ahead before we started the real thing! I was delighted to step into Phoon Huat again for ingredients, and she's.. well, she's just flustered lol.

Watching the batter whisk into a gorgeous fuchsia-red as we mixed in the food colouring was enthralling. The colour was so bright and intense, we knew it was gonna be good.. 

Haha anyway, we thought it turned out all right, i was surprised we even had cupcakes!
Jaselin messsed up the batter when she poured in too much milk so it had a lighter consistency and the cupcakes turned out abit dense. But she's not the only one.. i think i almost had someone killed with too much sugar in the frosting. Hahaha.. Hopefully the next batch will be successful. Gonna have to tweak the recipe a little to suit our palates :)

Here's the end product! Thought i did an outstanding job on piping the frosting though heheh..

This was hers! Neon pink frosting! Hot right!

Other than cupcakes, i also made dinner for my lovely girls! 
Hee, didn't take lots of pic cos' Jaselin and i were a mess XD
So here's one of June, stuffed and happy! 

Cooked them the usual stir-fried watercress, egg-tofu and mommy's specialty minced-egg soup! Delish!!! If i must say so myself.. hahaha XD

Hee, all right, gotta hit the sack now! Hope you guys enjoyed reading, good night and sleep tight! :)


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