Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hi everyone!

I've got something really special to share with you ladies today!

If you've been following me on Facebook and Instagram, then you may know that i've been invited to join 11 other beautiful bloggers at the Laneige Makeover Workshop last weekend!

Want to see me transform from this to THIS? Then read on! 

I mentioned previously on my blog (this entry specifically) that i'm a religious user of Laneige's skincare products but i've never really tried any of their makeup products other than their BB Soothing Cushion and their Sliding Pact.

Also, this is the first time i've submitted a blog entry into a beauty blogger challenge so i was really ecstatic when i found out that i got selected to attend Laneige's Makeover Workshop. My first ever bloggers event!! Woohoo! Talk about being lucky huh?

Anyway, on to the workshop! I was feeling rather apprehensive initially because i didn't know anyone but i quickly made a new friend, Anna, who was as equally shy and nervous as me. I decided we should sit together so we can talk and also help each other take photos hahaha.

Once everyone arrived, we were introduced to our beautiful little stations that the Laneige Marketing Team has helped set us up with. I was surprised to see so many products laid out on the table! SO SO PSYCHED! The team was really thoughtful and even prepared refreshments for all of us!

I couldn't wait for us to get started so the first thing to do was to remove all our makeup!

Using Laneige's Deep Cleansing Oil, we were spotting our dull-barefaced look again haha. I think everyone felt a little naked and a little less powerful with our makeup on so we were quickly introduced to Laneige's Makeup Artist, Tina, who was there to give a thorough step-by-step guide to achieving the Ultimate K-Beauty Look.

The workshop turned out to be an amazing experience for me because i've never attempted the K-Beauty/Ulzzang Look so the MUA dished out alot of tips and tricks that were very useful to helping me attain the Korean look.

Eventually, we were finished with our looks and all the girls looked so pretty and polished! Incredible what makeup does for your skin right? I like my new look! I've always been spotting the light, natural look, but this one is slightly different. With the Tina's help, i tweeked my makeup and ended up with a softer, immaculate look especially with the eyebrows because i always had a high arc which gives a more sultry, mature look. Now, drawing my brows straighter and shorter exudes a more innocent, youthful appearance.

Time for photos after our successful makeover!

With pretty local bloggers Velda and QiuQiu!

I was pleasantly surprised that Velda was present at the event because I got to know about this challenge through her blog!
Haha, I couldn’t help letting her know and thanking her cos’ I wouldn’t have been here without her! She’s as sweet as she sounds online so I was really happy to have met her!

Here's all of us squeezing in for a picture.. or 2!

I had so much with my new-found friends and the Marketing Team, so i really want to thank Laneige for presenting me with this opportunity to work with them. It's been such a pleasure meeting all of these beautiful ladies!

And now, here's me attempting to recreate the K-Beauty Look without any help! Hopefully you find these steps useful!

(I'm sorry the size is so small for the picture below, i don't know why blogger wouldn't allow it any bigger but you could save it and then zoom in for a clearer look!)

And here are my Top Picks of products from the Laneige Makeover Workshop! 

Oh just in case you're still sitting on the fence about that BB Cushion, here's 5 reasons to reaffirm why you should get your hands on one now!

Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back with more updates on the Laneige Beauty Blogger Challenge!

Have a great weekend head!