Sunday, 9 June 2013


Last week, Fed invited me over to his novelty pancake shop at Bukit Timah to do a tasting session. I was really psyched cos' i've been wanting to visit and have been suffering from pancake withdrawal since i last visited IHOP in Vegas. This is a really interesting way of getting friends and family together to play with food. lol 

I invited one of my girlfriends to join me because she's as much of a foodie as i am! 

Fed gave us a few pointers on how to use the pancake batter from the squeeze bottles before we got started ours! There were quite a handful of patrons who were there for their DIY Pancake Buffet. 
I was surprised to know it only costs $12 for adults and $10 for students!! So cheap but so fun!

Jaselin putting on her poker face while challenging me at her best DIY Cartoon Pancake drawing. 
So serious!

And this is my take on the classic Sanrio character, Keroppi! It's by no means a masterpiece, but definitely win hers hands down because she defiled her "My Melody" pancake in the end! It turned out to be sucha flop that she banned me from taking any photos of it. Hahaha 

After exhausting all our creative juices.. Fed served us up with Nook's specialty Red Velvet Pancakes! 

And they looked almost too pretty to eat.. Almost..

The pancakes had a lovely intense red colour and a slightly sweet, vanilla-chocolatey taste but i thought the batter still needs a litle bit more refinement before it's perfect. 
The pancakes were fluffy but slightly dry and had too much cream cheese frosting in between the layers, hence, overpowering the mild tasting pancakes.

I would still recommend that you give this one a try at least once just because it's red velvet and you can't find it anywhere else! 

On the other hand, their Mushroom Soup was surprisingly delightful! It is quite different from most of the mushroom soups i've tried elsewhere and this one had a light consistency and a milkier taste. Generous chunks of wild mushrooms helped lift the soup with its earthy flavour. Jaselin and i thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Mandatory greeting shots with the girlfriend and the cute waitress who helped make our experience at Nook's a truly great one! Both of us had so much fun playing with our food and catching up!

Young aspiring Picassos should definitely sign up for their monthly Pancake Art Competition!

And did i not mention their insanely affordable DIY Pancake Buffet ($8-$12) from 3-6pm already?! Remember to make your reservations early if you'd like to head down during the weekends because they're usually packed during brunch!

Thank you to Fed for hosting us despite your busy schedule, it was really pleasant seeing you and Dawn after so many years!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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