Monday, 29 July 2013


I got a little preoccupied bringing a couple of my TW/CN friends around town during their stay this week! 

Really ecstatic to meet them cos' i hardly play host to foreign friends! They usually host me XD

Met up with my CN friends and toured the S.E.A. Aquarium at RWS before heading for dinner and KTV!

I think i took 3450961785 photos of the marine life in the short span of 1 hour. I was uber late and we only managed to enter the place at 630pm. They close at 7 XD

Anyway, i haven't uploaded the photos on my hp, but here are a couple from my camera!

Haha i shouldn't say this but i feel like i must.. don't you think the jellyfish on the left looks like a certain private area of the male anatomy? hahaha

The aquarium was spectacular! I enjoyed myself so much i was really sad when we were ushered to leave :( Felt like i was underwater the whole time! You've got to visit if you haven't and be early so you can take your time to explore and take photos of these amazing sea creatures!
You can check out videos i took at the aquarium on my instagram @gwenyummy! Watch the Colour Changing Jellyfish!!! <3

Anyway, after leaving RWS for dinner and KTV, i headed down to Clark Quay to welcome my friends from Taiwan hehe. 

It was their first night and they arrived really late so we decided to explore the night scene in Singapore lol. I don't party but thank God i know someone who does =D 


I like this club hahaha, it was my first time there and it was so awesome! I bumped into tons of friends who were supposed to be meeting me next wk! I realised everyone's been leading a double life.. So naughty!

Finally, Di and i brought them to NANA for supper before heading back to our respective homes. Don't think they are used to such spicy foods even though they claimed they like chilli lol.

Thanks for tuning in!

Good night!


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