Sunday, 14 July 2013


Remember my previous post on the Japanese Food Fair at Takashimaya Square? Well.. all the noodles and snacks i bought home were soooo good i decided to bring Mummy and Benny there for another round of food hunt! I introduced them to the yummy Japanese maggi mee, the spicy Mentaiko and Wasabi Peanuts and we explored the entire square this time round. We tried their roasted cuttlefish, and Yuzu sweets which i absolutely relish! Mummy's favourite was the piping hot, sweet potato which she devoured all by herself..

Also found my favourite Korean Grape Drink (with real grapes inside)! Got it real cheap! $10 for 12 cans!

I derive so much pleasure everytime i open up new sachets of food... beautiful thin strings of vermicelli-like pasta! Cooked al-dente, it tastes almost identical to pasta, very firm and springy, only better! Smooth texture and doesn't feel grainy when you chew it. 
We also bought the other type of fine noodles in Black Sesame (on the far right), this is much finer and smoother than the instant ones and can be eaten Soba style. They come in various flavours and thickness, the thinest one is almost like Angel-Hair pasta but i didn't really like it with the Soba Sauce so i bought the thicker ones. It's $11.80 per packet. 

And these are the Yuzu Flavoured Konbu, or simply put, Mandarin-flavoured Kelp/Seaweed. I kinda liked the zesty, tangy flavour, but some may find its taste slightly peculiar, abit of a fishy odour perhaps?

After circling and tasting for an hour and a half, it was finally time for dinner! We were famished and luckily, i made reservations at Crystal Jade Korean BBQ earlier that day. The place is always filled and there were people still lining up outside to get a table at 830pm! 

I like that Crystal Jade switches up some of their side dishes every once in awhile so the new ones i tried were the Celery and Squid and Braised Egg! Both were exceptionally tasty!! Btw, side dishes are free flow so feel free to order as much as you want if you don't wish to order more mains. 

I usually order the Platter ($59) then request to change some of the meat cos' i prefer the Bacon, Sirloins and Wagyu cuts:) I prefer to BBQ myself because it's so much more fun and delicious XD.. Well.. its better if you know how you like your beef done and Not everyone likes it medium rare or well done so bbq-ing your own meat is the best option if you know how to get it done yourself! 

Momsie's favourite Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup! One of the best in town! The gingseng wasn't too overpowering and the soup was brewed to perfection. Wasn't too light or too salty and the chicken was really tender! 2 thumbs up! It was so good we decided to pay $9 for additional soup haha. 

Okay, that's all for tonight! There's still about a week before the food fair closes if you wanna try out some Japanese specialties! 

Thanks for reading, good night peeps! 


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