Friday, 5 July 2013


I had a brilliant start to the weekend because today, i did something i'vr never done before! Never have i felt so compelled to meet a celebrity so much so that i'd actually go down personally just to catch a glimpse of him! 

I'm not really the kind of girl who'd go crazy and buy tons merchandise or go to every meet and greet/autograph session to support a particular celebrity. Meeting Stephen Chow or interviewing Big Bang doesn't even come close to this because i have so much admiration for Chef Gordon! Haha anyway.. I got up pretty late because i heard that he'll only arrive at Maxwell Market at 1pm to visit the owner of Tian Tian Chicken Rice.

Eventually when i arrived.. eager and excited media and fans had thronged the already crowded Maxwell market with camera phones and DSLRs. I squeezed in when i thought i saw an ex-school mate and managed to get a pretty okay spot. She told me she'd been there since 9am! We continued to wait patiently in the sweltering heat for another 15mins before he finally made the scene, thank goodness i made it in time! 

Fans and media came alive instantly and welcomed Gordon Ramsay with big smiles and cheers! Everyone was snapping away and i managed to get a few close, albeit blurry shots.

Here are some professional close ups, courtesy of YAHOO! images :)

I can see why Singaporeans voted for this popular Chinese dish! Always a hit with tourists and an absolute favourite among locals :)

I'm hoping to make it for the final cookoff at Newton Circus, this sunday 7th July at 6pm! There'll be 1000 portions served for tasting that day, so definitely go down and support your favourite vendors! Or Ramsay should i say.. hahaha

Was a little disappointed i didn't stay a little longer for the interview or shook hands with him but i had to go to the temple so hopefully next time :) I'm beginning to think that this may not be the last time we'll be seeing him in town and something's definitely in the works.. (setting up a flagship restaurant here?)

Anyhow, if you're still not familiar with this passionate (most people would find him fiery but i choose to think of him otherwise), expletive-laden 3-Michelin star chef, then watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (UK Version only, because the US one is crap), The F Word and Gordon's Great Escapes, just to get you started. hehe 

That's all for today, thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend! :)

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