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Lately, i've had quite a number of friends ask me what type of facial wash i use and i thought i'd do a review on these 2 facial cleansing products from Philosophy which i've been using since last year. 

I've probably tried more than 30 different types of facial cleansers before i finally found out what kind of cleansers suit me best. I am an oily-combination skintype but i used to produce so much oil, i would have taken a shower and within 5 mins, my face would be shiny and greasy again! :( 
That led to frequent pimples due to overstimulation of the skin from too much products, or harsh treatments. 
But all that's gone now ever since i understood the kind of cleanser that could combat my oily skin problem. 

Before using these 2 products, I was using Avene's Soapless Foaming Gel Cleanser religiously and that has been the best thing that has happened to my face! This became my benchmark for a good gel cleanser. 

Philosophy offers 2 types of facial cleansers, the first one is similar to a soapless mild cleanser and the other a light-foaming cleanser. I used to use foaming cleansers because experts suggests that foaming cleansers help rid our excess sebum and cleanse our pores thoroughly. But after switching to a gel cleanser, my skin is finally able to breathe and my sebaceous glands aren't over-active anymore. I noticed immense improvement on my skin and my complexion is much smoother and clearer now. 

The right cleanser has changed my life and i wanted to share this little experiment i did on myself, with you! 

I was really impressed with the results of the 3-in-1 Cleanser and i'm into my 2nd bottle now. I bought the Foaming 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel because i wanted to see if it would be different from other foaming cleansers i've tried and if it would produce the same results as the former. 

Here are my thoughts and feelings on both products! 

The first bottle of cleanser i bought from Philosophy is the 3-in-1 Cleanser. This is sold at all Sephora stores for SGD34. I always like trying new things in hopes of finding something better to substitute my current products and switch it up once in awhile. I bought this because i noticed its a very mild, gentle cleanser, close to a milky solution and doesn't emulsify into a foam, which is a plus point for me because i try to steer away from foaming cleansers as they are more harsh to the skin.

Normally, i would rub the soap (size of a 20-cent coin) in my hands before massaging it onto my face and then rinsing it off. I really like this product because after washing it, it won't leave a dry, rubbery texture on my skin. 

Also, i noticed that my skin is more well-balanced and my sebaceous glands are under control, so i don't produce so much oil during the day. This also means i have less pimples and blackheads now! Unless i sleep really late or my period's coming haha.  

I give this product a 4.5/5 stars! :)

As for the Foaming 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel (SGD34), i got this because i saw that it's a gel cleanser on the label and the attendant at Sephora claimed that this product is more suitable for oily skintypes. 

Well, after trying so many foaming products, i hate to say that this one isn't any different from the others. Even though it doesn't produce alot of foam and isn't as harsh as other foaming products, it still leaves my skin feeling stretched and dry. I don't like it but if you like the feeling of having tight skin, then you might like this product. 

Also, after using this for 2-3 weeks, twice a day, i found a gradual change in my skin's complexion. I start to produce more oil than usual and within a few hours, my complexion would turn shiny and greasy. 

When oil oxidises, it is damaging to our skin, making it susceptible to bacteria. Sebum oxidisation on the surface of our skin is what causes those abominable blackheads! I've refrain from using this cleanser and switched back to the former and my skin is now back to normal! 

Hence, i'm sorry to say that this product wasn't appropriate for me and i can only give this a 2/5 stars. It's 2 because it does a really fine job of deep cleansing the skin, leaving it completely clean and refreshed. 

In any case, throughout my years of experience using foam cleansers, i've never felt that they helped improve my skin, gradually, i realised that they were not suitable for my oily skintype. Whereas soapless gel cleansers have vastly improved my complexion and kept my pimples at bay. I wouldn't recommend foaming cleansers for oily skintypes but that's just my personal opinion, use what you feel works best for you. I just wanted to share what these 2 products have done for my skin :)

Beautiful skin begins with a clean, radiant complexion, and the most basic and essential step is cleansing! I would emphasize more on skincare than makeup products because having a flawless canvas is much easier to work with than skin that is irritated and assaulted with blackheads, pimples and blemishes. 

Before i go, here's a recap!
I hope this review helps you in some way if you are considering to buy a facial cleansers. 

P.S.: I go by these 3 philosophies when it comes to good skin - :

1. Lots of water (avoid distilled water)
2. Sufficient rest (avoid late nights!)
3. A healthy, happy mood and mind always (keeps you looking and feeling young! ) 

Thanks for reading and have a great start to your week! 


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