Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Past 2 days have been hectic!! Did a routine which has my thighs and neck feeling sore and raw. 

Also finally got round to do some proper shopping for myself! 

Bought some plain T's from GAP yesterday, they have a 3 for 2 promotion on tanks and tees now. So i decided to get a couple, plus, they gave a $10 voucher after my purchase which i used on the only underwear i got lol. 

Oh and there's some Japanese Food Fair at Takashimaya Square, i was starving and i thought i'd give Salad Stop a miss and go for free tastings instead hehe. 

Ended up with almost a $60 burn in the pocket. The 4 packets of Japanese Seaweeed/Mentaiko Peanuts were exorbitant but i decided to get some for the family anyway. It's $9/100grams but.. they do taste really good,  crunchy, spicy and highly addictive. 

Oh and spot the 3 packetes of Japanese noodles below? They are freaking yummmy and makes for a great alternative to the mainstream Maggi Mee. The noodles are very Q or otherwise called, al dente and taste abit like spaghetti after it's been cooked. Only that they are more fine and smooth.. Downside is.. they costs $5/packet. $2 more expensive than the taiwanese beef noodles i brought home from Taiwan! Don't we all wish Japanese products could be more accessible and less costly?

I heard the fair will be held till 21st July so if you're in the area, go get some food! :)

Anyway! I'm working on a few product reviews which i'll be posting up soon once i get the pictures taken :) 

Till i'm back, have an awesome week at work or school! 

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