Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hope everyone's been having a fantastic weekend!

I just caught Elysium and had some really dope desserts (check out my instagram @gwenyummy) with a couple of friends before heading home. 

Decided to post something before hitting the sack tonight :)

BFF and i at CBTL Holland V after the Ma Cherie event.

Next day, i invited him to join me for the all-new concept Zara Boutique private opening at MBS. 
Thank you Jacq for extending the invite to me, we had a great time browsing through the new collection while savouring on canapes and champagne~ 

The new store is segmented on 2 different aisles which makes shopping for Men's and Women's wear easier! The clothings are well-sectioned and it's much easier to spot different collections and get to what you want :) Love the new layout and the stunning clothes. I was looking for a cocktail dress but the ones i picked out didn't fit well so we both left empty handed :(

Anyhow, thanks for reading and check back on this space soon cos' i'll be posting up the feature on the Ma Cherie event really soon! 

Pleasant dreams x

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