Friday, 23 August 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates, i've been keeping myself busy with family commitments while juggling mood swings. Mood swings usually means its about that time of the month. AND to add on to my blues, one of my dogs got lost today which is why i'm pretty beat up. 

I think it happened last night but i'm really not sure because i KO-ed at 9pm. When i got up this morning at 7, our housekeeper told me that Oreo's gone and no one knows where he went. He'd usually wait and sniff at her door in the morning for breakfast but he wasn't there today. So she concluded that he probably ran out last night. He's sooo skinny that he can actually squeeze through UNDER the main gate which is why he NEVER got lost because he always has a way of making his way back into the house. And we usually keep a good eye on them because they are mostly inside the house.

So right now, I'm guessing someone must've taken him.. Urgh, i've never had this situation before and i'm a little lost myself. I called SPCA but they are busy so i left my number with them and also patrolled the estate, calling out his name now and then but he isn't anywhere! Just can't imagine what will happen to him if he's in the wrong hands! He must be feeling lost and scared right now.. I hope hope hope a good samaritan finds him and brings him back to us :(

Oreo is a 7 year-old male Pomeranian with light brown fur and pointy ears. He is rather skinny and has a long snout. He's also very light and agile and responds well to his name. If you happen to see him wandering around the Yio Chu Kang/Jalan Kayu area, please feel free to contact me at

I appreciate any kind of help, whether it's sharing on FB/Instagram/Twitter or keeping a lookout for my dog. Thank you so much.


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