Monday, 19 August 2013


Hello darlings!

Hope you're not having the Monday blues! If you are, fret not, today's entry is not only gonna brighten up your day, it's also gonna make you (at least want to) smell divine! lol..

So, I attended Ma Chérie's exclusive press launch at MU Parlour last thursday which you may have already known if you follow me on my instagram!

I first learnt about Ma Chérie from a friend who recommended it to me when we were having a holiday in taiwan early last year. It wasn't launched in Singapore then so i bought the travel size pack which includes the Moisture Shampoo, Moisture Condition as well as Bath Gel. She pointed out that it's one of her favourite brands and her hair would smell like a fresh bed of flowers after bath. Well, the products from Ma Chérie definitely did not disappoint!

This fall, Ma Chérie welcomes the addition of a treatment and styling range, with a total of 6 new items to be introduced. The new offerings contain treatment and styling products catered to a variety of different hair types. 

What i love most about this brand?
It's sugary harmony of fresh fruity, floral fragrances that keeps my hair smelling and looking amazing all day! 
Absolute indulgence with incredibly affordable price tags, ranging between $16.90 -$17.90!

The Curl Set Lotion from the new series was used to achieve these beautiful, bouncy curls on the model's hair below. The hair stylist then demonstrated how to set her hair with the Decoration Keep Spray for natural, longer-lasting results!

Look at the massive turnout!

Oh anyway, guess which lovely ladies i bumped into at the launch?! 

Haha Chloe, Cynthia and Alene! So happy to see their lovely faces after 2 months, taking photos proved to be much easier and merrier after their arrival!
4 pretty faces are always better than 1. 
Because i have straight hair, i've been lavished with the Hair Gelee Mist (Silky Straight) from the Mystery Magic Machine. This product has a romantic fruity fragrance and contains moisturing ingredients such as Champagne Honey Gelee, Hydroxyethyl urea and Vitamin B that softens and protects our hair against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress. 

Psst.. I'm re-spraying my hair with the Hair Gelee Mist (Silky Straight) the same time i'm typing this line (imagine that lol). I'm about to melt from the luxurious floral sensation..

Alene and i won a puzzle challenge against another team duo at one of the game stations! We each won a Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek Liquid Blush! hee :) teamwork ftw!
Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this post as much as i wrote it. Wanna thank the team from DSPG and Ma Chérie for having me at this event and HerVelvetVase for the lovely giftbag :) Oh and not to forget all the 3 lovely girls for spending the afternoon with me at this  enchanting event!

Have an awesome week ahead and i'll be back later!

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