Friday, 9 August 2013


Last week, i attended a media invitation at The Spa Artisan, one of the most luxurious spas in town!
For this session, i was invited to try out their Powerslim Technology, the first in Asia and dubbed The World's Most Comfortable Slimming Experience!

Transported into a cool, contemporary grecian setting..

I was greeted at the reception counter by 2 lovely faces who sat me down quickly with a glass of juice before escorting me to a little room to get my Inbody Composition Analysis done! They've already made me feel like home and Raye, my receptionist worked me through slowly on how this would be done.

All right, i know what you're thinking! I'm nowhere near fat or obese so why am i here?

Well, other than the obvious slimming purpose, this Infrared Technology comes with other benefits including Cellulite Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Body Firming and increases elasticity of collagen tissues and blood circulation etc.

Basically, the Inbody Analysis is a thorough Measure your Body's Composition through a total body assessment. This analysis breaks down my body composition into various bits of information so you'll even know how much more fat/muscle you'll have in your right arm than your left! This analysis has a 98.5% accuracy and the information helps to point out which areas you should target and put more emphasis on.

I received a copy of my analysis and Raye explained the entire assessment with me to help me digest and understand my body composition. According to the analysis, i am well under in Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass which means i'm supposed to consume more fat and protein to reach the target weight of 58.7kg! Hahaha.. which also means i'm 13.1kg lighter than i should be! 

However... i obviously do not want to be 58kg?!?! I told Raye i wanted to maintain or gain an extra 3-4kilos if necessary. I don't do any form of exercise or go on any kind of diet because 1) i'm lazy, 2) i have too much gastric acid which explains why i'm so unhealthy!
So this treatment is still suitable for me cos' it helps to tone up all the areas i'm concerned about such as my thighs and tummy where it's more loose and unshapely.

Anyway, the analysis helped narrowed down the areas that i want to firm up, which is mainly my tummy area. It's quite flabby because i lack exercise so it was great to be able to just concentrate my treatment on this area :) 

Before heading into the treatment room, i was provided with the spa's amenities and did a quick of attire. 

Finally, i was greeted by my therapist, Atiqah at the Spa Lounge and escorted me into a cosy room where the Powerslim machine layed very prominently. I had a quick relaxing foot soak before Atiqah prepped my skin with Velvet Cream (made from grapefruit extracts) at my target areas. 

Felt like i was in another dimension in this ultra-futuristic incubator.

Atiqah then briefed me on the procedures where i'll lay top up for 5mins, then face down for another 5mins before facing up again for the rest of the treatment.

Adhesive electrode pads were then placed over specific areas of my body to deliver electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract.
The stimulation of the muscle by the electrical current creates a significant energy demand on the muscles so surrounding fat cells are burned for energy.

She highlighted that stimulation also agitates the fat cells causing release of toxins and reduction of cellulite.
In addition, the deep muscle stimulation helps tighten and tone the skin and improve circulation.
The treatment is safe and non-invasive.

I had the choice of listening to music or watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and duh? Of cos i went with the latter! 

As entertaining as F.R.I.E.N.D.S may be, i quickly fell into a deep slumber. It was warm and i felt so comfortable and relaxed that when Atiqah came in to finish the session, it felt like only 5mins had gone by!! :(

So sad that my session ended so soon but thankfully Atiqah sat me down at the Spa Lounge with some tea and sesame crisps biscuits!

Eventually, i made it to the restroom to get changed and freshen up before ending my session at The Spa Artisan. Their full-bath amenities made it even harder for me to leave this place XD

Couldn't help myself with the weighing machine haha

Thoughts on the spa, treatment, and service: 

1) When i first arrived, the interior was simple, greek-modern but once you enter the Spa Lounge, it felt as if i had been teleported into a world of lush greenery and serenity of a meadow with relaxing music on playback. I liked the transition from hard to soft, it was neither cold nor pretentious. I felt very much at home! 

2) Service here was impeccable. Both my recep and therapist were very patient with me when i asked tons of questions! Raye was very polite and thorough with my assessment and Atiqah was really attentive and gentle with me during my treatment :) 

3) During the 55mins treatment, I was very comfortable and relaxed. Though i literally jumped when my therapist first tested the frequency of the electrode pads on me cos' it was sooooo ticklish! It made me laugh so hard cos my body was twitching involuntarily that Atiqah couldn't help but laugh with me -.- Other than that, once my body got accustomed to the electrical impulses, i began to enjoy the treatment! You can control how high or low you want the frequency to be. Of cos, the higher the better and the more effective it is at stimulating and toning up the muscles! 

Feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the session!

Anyway, that's all i have for today! Special thanks to for arranging this amazing session and of cos to the experts at The Spa Artisan!

Right now, they are having a first time trial promotion for the Powerslim Treatment!
75mins | $98nett (U.P. $298+)
Treatment Includes:
• Relaxing Foot Soak
• Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area
• Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results
• Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness

Alternatively, you can head on over to their website (or call 6423-1382) to find out more details on their Powerslim Technology and how it can help you achieve your desired figure! 
Thank you for reading and Happy National Day everyone! :)


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