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Last friday, Alene extended her media invite to us at the Goldleaf Restaurant (New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant) at Amoy Street!

** All photos courtesy of Alene from Paperkitties.

It's quite hard to miss the restaurant with its elaborate and distinctive entrance.
Btw, if you are driving, there's a huge carpark just around the corner if you can't get a lot infront of the restaurant. 

We waited for Alene to arrive before settling in together!

Once in, i noticed the restaurant kept a lot of traditional elements for the interiors, tons of neutral tones to promote a warm and elegant setting.

Whilst waiting for Anna, we ordered some Chinese tea upon the waiter's recommendations. A few minutes later, another attentive waiter approached us with all their specialty homemade drinks!

From left to right: Sour Plum, Lime, Barley, Honey Lemon.

Fresh and appetite stimulating juices for the girls while i had the soothing warm barley :)

For starters, we had Fresh Cockles with the Chef's Special Sauce. I was the first to attempt the dish and i'm not much of a cockles person so it was extremely silly of me to consume it without any of the special sauce lol. I felt a sudden wave of revulsion in my mouth as the cockles were terribly cold and bloody and metallic tasting and just.. URGHH! As much as it was fresh, i think i'd much prefer them with tons of garlic and a bit of chili to negate the cold, fishy taste.

Cockles enthusiast would probably devour this entire dish on their own. I had a second go at it, this time with the special sauce and i have to admit, it was much more appetising and i should've done that the first time round lol.

Moving on, this is probably my FAVOURITE dish in the entire menu! SOOO happy that it came out as one of the first dishes because i was able to enjoy my Sweet Potato Porridge thoroughly with just this one dish.

Minced Pork with Olives is one of the most sought after Teochew dishes and i think i finished this entire thing on my own after the girls had a spoonful of it. Lol, so delicious and salivating! Quite chewy and salty on its own so it goes really well with plain porridge.. drooling again as i reminisce about this simple yet phenomenal dish!

Next, we had the Traditional Prawn Rolls which you may refer to as "Ngo Hiang". My aunts make mountains of these at home during the lunar new year so i know how i like mine which is usually very brown and crispy and have chestnuts to give it abit of a crunch.

This one didn't look as similar but it definitely looks more presentable and "restaurant-like". The beancurd skin is slightly salty which complements the sweet, moist prawn fillings. I like that they also included chestnuts to give dimension to the dish.
This definitely feels very homemade in the best possible way. Doesn't taste like the ones i eat at home but is less deep-fried and thus, more healthy!

Then, comes the restaurant's specialty dishes, Cod with House Specialty Sauce. It was so good that we actually had 2 portions of it, mainly because i finished one on my own... (I'm sorry girls..) Lol.

Anyway, i like the special sauce, i think it emulates the Japanese Terriyaki Sauce which goes very well with grilled cod fish but this one is less dense and more refined in taste as the cod is fried.
Also, the cod is fresh and the flesh almost lucent (as seen below), so i thought it was a dish well-executed. 

 If you're chinese, you ought to know the next dish! If you don't, you may have heard of it, and you should DEFINITELY get your hands on one of these yummy braised pork buns.

The Goldleaf Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Buns (or otherwise referred to as Kong Ba Bao) were ABSOLUTELY MOUTH-WATERING!

I felt bad that the girls were spending so much time taking photos that they didn't have time to try the food while they were piping hot. HAHA, i got to try everything first because i decided that we don't need so many cameras at one table and should just do away with mine keke. Not only aim i stealing her food, i'm stealing her photos lol XD

One word - SHIOK! I don't really appreciate the meaty parts so I picked the one with a lot of fats so it's super tender and flavourful. Can't have enough of this!

3-Cup Chicken - I'm not big on chicken so this isn't a dish i would normally reach out for but the meat is very tender and fragrant (from the basil leaves) and they've got the gravy done just right which wasn't too sweet or salty. Goes well with either rice or porridge.

Chye Por Omelette - This unassuming fried egg tasted bland on my first bite but once i started chewing, bits of preserved vegetables started bursting in my mouth and added so much depth and flavour to the eggs, making it a statement dish in the menu. 

With the constant influx of new courses.. all of us needed to take a short break before Karen, our host, introduced us to our next 6 dishes. 

Taiwan Lettuce - Crunchy and refreshing. I desperately needed some vegetables in my system as this was light and slightly salted to help cleanse my palate.

The Stir-Fry French Bean would definitely appeal to more people because it's stir fried with garlic and chili and was more savoury than the lettuce. Opt for this if you have a heavier palate :)

These Seafood Beancurd Bars were quite interesting, it had a very airy doughy texture and i couldn't decide if i liked it or not. It strays from the usual beancurd dishes so it's worth a try if you like fried stuff.

This gives Sambal Seabass is giving stingrays a run for its money. Texture and taste is very similar to those served at famous Newton Zichar stalls and best part about it- the Seabass doesn't have any bones :) 

It's quite spicy but being a non-spicy eater, this was still manageable. 

Golden Egg Yolk Prawns - I had to skip this as i am allergic to prawns but according to my dinner companions, they mentioned that although the prawns were fresh, it was sadly, lacking in flavour. 

We brought this up to Karen who listened and accepted our opinions and feedback with grace and modesty. I've always been very honest with my views and feelings and hence, was very impressed by the way she handled our feedback and criticisms. 

Before proceeding to desserts, we ended our main course on a high with a simple and delectable Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Egg Yolk dish.

Since i had to pass on the prawns, i savoured this dish with what little porridge i had left. The meat was very dense and juicy but i found it just slightly overcooked. Loved the salted egg yolk, i always love pairing this with porridge. Alene had specifically requested for this dish and she couldn't stop raving about it.

We were stuffed by this time but i couldn't wait to get started on desserts! Been eying the other tables all night long lol. Anyhow, there were only 4 of us, but Karen was kind enough to let us try all 6 different desserts on the menu :)

Beginning with Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts, this is a staple at most Chinese restaurants and one of my all-time asian favourites. The paste was extremely smooth and fine and not too sweet. 

My only fault with this dish was that it doesn't come with coconut milk. Karen explained that they did not include it with this dessert because they are promoting healthy food and coconut milk isn't healthy :(

Red Tea Pudding - Easy on the stomachs and subtle in flavour. Very cooling and would be a huge hit with the kids.
Green Tea Pudding - Faint green tea flavour and not as strong in taste as the Red Tea one. 

Hashima - I don't really know how to appreciate Hashima, this was quite sweet and chewy but i'm not a fan of sweet soupy desserts so Alene had the whole portion to herself. Hashima is widely known to help improve skin complexion,
and replenishing vital essence in the lungs and kidneys.

Long Gan Pudding - Tasted almost identical to almond jelly with long gans and i normally skip this because i don't like the smell of almonds other than eating the nut own its own. 
This one was quite accepted but i gave it a miss after one spoonful to leave my tummy for the last dessert!
Herbal Jelly! I have to confess, that i never liked Gui Ling Gao. The first time i tried it, i hated it and abstained from this tortoise jelly ever since. Didn't like it with honey the last time i tried it either but Karen insisted that her homemade Herbal Jelly wasn't bitter and that i should give it a try.

Turns out, BEST dessert i had all night! Other than having therapeutic benefits, the texture was smooth and Q! A light dessert that can be consumed after a heavy meal!

So while we were relishing ALL of these, our teas were being refilled, tables cleaned and our request fulfilled by the attentive waiters. I am not exaggerating when i say we had the BEST HOST in town!
And that's none other than the super meticulous and generous Karen, who made sure we ate happy, drank happy and felt happy during the whole time we were at the restaurant! It has been one of my best experiences at a Chinese restaurant and i couldn't have asked for a better one.

Their service and attention to detail is top-notch and their food having absolutely impeccable taste and aroma without any use of MSG in their ingredients. 

Thank you so much to Karen for her gracious hospitality and generosity. I had such a great dining experience with friends, indulging in awesome food and company.

Of cos, i must thank my dear TBM girlie, Alene, for extending her invite to us :)

Thanks for reading and i'll see you guys soon!

Oh and before i go, here's a little treat for all you munchies:- 

Goldleaf Restaurant is extending a 10% off bill to all dine-in customers upon quoting my name (gwenyummy) when making payment (only applicable for food, with minimum spending of $50.

Sounds good? Now get your phones ready and start making reservations for your families this weekend! ❤ 

Goldleaf Restaurant
110 Amoy Street
#01-00, S(069930)
Tel: 63243268

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

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